How to Prepare For Practical Subjects

As we know that practical subjects are more interesting than theory subjects .But to solve a numerical there is a need to properly understand the concept .So firstly you have to read theory and understand each and every concept deeply only then you will be able to solve the numerical.

  • Firstly read question carefully and understand properly the requirement of the question.
  • Take a pause and think about the solution, make a rough calculation in your mind and then start to solve question.
  • Practice all the illustrations of your book
  • After solving illustrations you gain confidence to solve the exercise questions .
  • Most important is practice .You will be able to solve the numerical in final exams only then if you have proper practice of this questions.
  • Always solve the practical questions in proper format for better presentation.
  • Don’t forget to prepare the working notes .
  • Avoid using abbreviations which cannot be understandable by the examiner.
  • By practicing numerical, students have an idea that how much time he is spending in solving numerical and he can increase his speed accordingly.
  • Always solve the questions by your hand rather than only reading the questions.
  • Don’t make hurry in practical questions ,one silly mistake may spoil your whole question.
  • Go through the basic formulas which are used in questions.
  • It is also necessary to have a grip on calculator.
  • Understand the logic of concepts properly then you will automatically solve the questions easily, just need to clear your concepts

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Presentation For SFM

Many students know the answer but they don’t know how to present it.There is a need to properly focus on presentation of your answer.

  • Each part of numerical should be shown separately.
  • Disclosure of all working notes are necessary for scoring good marks.
  • Strategic financial management is formula based.You need to write formula firstly and then show the calculations.
  • If you attempt theory then properly highlight the keywords and underline the headings.
  • Need to properly draw the format of the question.
  • Your question should be neat and clean presented i.e. avoid overcutting.

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