How to Prevent Vape Pen Explosions

Many people are resorting to vaping because of their potential health benefits. Vaping is regarded as a better option for smoking because it does not produce harmful compounds like tar, which might injure your lung health. This marijuana consumption technology is made possible through a device known as a vaporizer. The other terms that can be used interchangeably with the word vaporizer include E-Cigarettes and e-Cigs.

Before you use a Electric Dab Rig, it’s essential to equip yourself with knowledge of how it works. To prevent incidents of explosion and injury, it’s vital to understand how the battery of a vaporizer is designed to work. In this regard, knowledge on the right temperature to use is crucial, as overheating may cause an explosion. It’s also essential to understand the brands that offer the best quality vaporizers. This article provides you useful tips on how to prevent vape pen explosions.

Before offering you helpful tips on how to prevent vape explosions, it’s essential to understand the causes of these explosions.

What causes E-Cigarette explosions?

Several factors may cause vape explosions. Key among them includes using a wrong battery charger, over-charging the battery, keeping the vape in the wrong way, and modifying the vape. You may also experience an explosion in case your purchase a poor-quality vape pen.

Tips for preventing vaporizer explosions 

There are various tactics that you can apply in the prevention of vaporizer explosions. These include:

Battery coverage

It’s advisable to ensure that your battery is always covered. Leaving the cells uncovered exposes them to items like your keys or any metallic objects. When these batteries get into contact with these objects, an explosion may occur. You need always to check whether your cells are well-covered.

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Guidelines for charging your battery

When charging the batteries in your vaporizer, it’s vital to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. For instance, you must desist from overcharging the batteries as this can lead to an explosion. In case your vape pen has a USB charging port, it’s essential to use the right plug, especially the one which came with your device. The usage of substandard plugs may also cause explosions.

Adopt excellent battery charging habits

Adopting safe battery charging habits can also lead to minimal incidents of battery explosions. In this connection, it’s advisable always to have your tool attended to when it is being charged. Additionally, avoid charging your device when you’re sleeping or when you’re out of your room. Other safe charging habits include plugging your device to a wall outlet instead of electronic devices like computers or tellies.

Desist from exposing a vape pen to extreme weather conditions

Exposing your device to high or low temperatures will expose them to damage, which may lead to an explosion. The best temperature ranges for your vape pen is between 60 and 150.

Invest in a high-quality device

Before you invest in any vape pen, it’s advisable to conduct background research and find out the best companies that offer high-quality tools. You can check on the review site of each company’s platform and find out what the past clients are saying. A preponderance of negative reviews shows that the company does not offer the best quality products. You should never buy your devices from such manufacturers. Positive reports, on the other hand, indicate that a specific company provides high-quality products. Therefore, you need to purchase your device from a reputable brand like Dr Dabber Wax vaporizers .

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Reading of the manufacture’s manual

It’s essential to read the manufacture’s manual keenly to understand how your device is supposed to be charged. In case you don’t comprehend the information, it’s essential to visit the site of the manufacturer for more details and any infographics that may help you.

Avoid contact with moisture

When your device batteries are exposed to humidity, the chances of an explosion are increased. Therefore, it’s essential always to make sure that the cells are not exposed to moisture. To avoid moisture contact, it’s advisable to use your device in areas with minimal moisture.

Avoid keeping your device close to metallic objects

It’s essential to ensure that the pocket where you keep your device doesn’t contain any metallic devices. Direct contact with metallic objects may lead to explosions.

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