How to Protect Your Hearing While Pressure Washing
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How to Protect Your Hearing While Pressure Washing

By lifting and carrying heavy things regularly, either for work or as part of a workout regimen, your body adapts by developing and strengthening your muscles. Constant hard work with both hands and palms and fingers will develop difficult calluses as a protective layer. His students protect him from extremely bright light sources by immediately limiting the size of the hole to limit the amount of light hitting the retina.

These are just some of the mechanisms that our bodies respond to and adapt to external stimuli. Because we are so used to the changing nature of our bodies, we tend to ignore or even forget the fact that our sense of hearing has no mechanisms to respond or protect against loud noises.

Otolaryngologists, doctors who specialize in the ears, nose and throat, have said that there is no available treatment, medication, surgery or even medical devices that can completely rehabilitate our hearing sensation when destroyed by high noise.

Exposure to high noise slowly kills nerve endings in the inner ear canal. The longer the noise is exposed, the more the nerve endings are destroyed. As the amount of nerve endings in the ear decreases, your ability to listen slowly decreases. The damage is permanent. There is no way to recover hearing loss.

Hearing loss is one of the dangers faced by people using a high-pressure cleaner from

Losing the sense of hearing is painless unlike other ailments and disorders, and the decline develops slowly over a period of several years. You will not notice that you lose your sense of hearing until serious injury has occurred. Many labor market regulatory agencies around the world have hearing protection standards to protect workers.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the United States is one of those regulators dealing with workers’ health and safety. They have set standards in the workplace to protect the consultation of workers. For example, one of its safety standards requires employers to provide hearing protection at no cost to employees who are regularly exposed to 85 decibels of noise or more.

The agency takes ear protection seriously. Over a five-year period, more than 10,000 workplace violations were recorded and penalties in excess of $ 7.5 million were applied. Some of these violations include lack of employee training, lack of proper record keeping, lack of noise monitoring and failure to implement a noise reduction program.

Professional high-pressure cleaners should introduce a noise-cancellation program to protect their employees from hearing loss. The pressure washing industry must be adaptable due to the changing nature of the workplace. High-pressure cleaners tend to work in a wide range of environments, which further complicates noise interference measures.

Buying earplugs is not enough. The employer must establish a comprehensive consultation retention program. It’s not very difficult: the goal is to cover all bases to make sure nothing is overlooked. Here are some of the components of a program.

As the workplace may differ from one day to the next, the first tests can be omitted and it can automatically be assumed that the area is noise-free. Employees can use personal devices that measure sound.

Those in the front line, users of high-pressure cleaners, must undergo annual consultation exams. This is the only way to assess whether the program is effective and whether your hearing is damaged. By comparing the data for a specific period of time, the employer can determine whether your program is effective or not.

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The most basic part of the program is to provide employees with industry-standard hearing protectors, such as earplugs and earplugs. Employees must also receive training in the dangers of loud noise, use and maintenance of hearing protectors and problems associated with the hearing protection program.

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