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How Do I Read My Natal Chart?

Natal Chart interpretation helps you see your past, present, and future life. It is a snapshot of your karmic account. It reveals your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reality. Understanding your birth chart analysis is key to a holistic happy life.

Online Natal Chart is a quick and easy source to tap into your reality. Let’s learn how to read every Astro aspects of your chart step by step.

Embark The Astro Journey

Isn’t it exciting that you are about to unveil the mysteries of heavenly language? The birth chart is a celestial representation of your fate. And reading a birth chart, whether it is yours or someone else’s, is easy and empowering.

First of all, you will need a birth chart. Any birth chart which holds exact locations of various planets can work. Best is -you take your own horoscope.

Understand The Houses

Do you want an accurate interpretation of your Natal Chart

Each house represents the sky at the time of your birth. It shows the ecliptic path of planets (how planets move across the universe). Houses stay at the same location in every birth chart.

  • There are several house systems used by astrologers. Generally, astrologers choose an equal house system for better results. It splits up the ecliptic path into 12 even sections starting from the ascendant.
  • The Eastern horizon -the left-most part of your chart is known as rising or ascendant. The chart begins from here. Starting with the 1st house going counterclockwise through the 12th.
  •  Opposite of ascendant is the descendant, which is the western horizon, or as they say, it is a setting side. The head of the chart outlines the highest part of the ecliptic path in the sky, and the base showcases what is under the horizon.
  • Each house represents various areas of life. The first house depicts everything about the self like self-image, appearance, motives, your goals, physical body, etc. The second house describes values, and so on. Every house reveals particular information of life. 
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Learn The Planets

Planets and their transits in the sky reflect our life transit experiences on Earth. Which house a planet sits in, reflects in which area you will have experiences of life. It also says about the signs and characteristics of these experiences.

Moreover, learning the planets is very crucial in natal chart reading,

as it predicts which life areas are significant for you and the prominent features of your personality. In simple words, These planetary movements shape up your character.

Zodiac Signs

You need to see where the zodiac signs were at the time of your birth. Now we have two components of the chart to compare. See which is your rising and setting signs 

Zodiac signs show the properties of the sky at the time of your birth. So an easy way to understand them is by considering them as the aspects of life. There are twelve signs, and from Aries to Pisces, these signs show the properties that come with various experiences.

Your Sun and Moon

 Sun and Moon represent the yin-yang elements of your self. Sun is your outward focus, and Moon is your inward nature. The Sun is a masculine and expressive side, while the Moon is focused, reflective, and feminine side.

See where the Sun and Moon are located in your chart. Identify Sun’s house and sign placement along with Moon’s house and its sign placement.

Do not forget that the house represents the major life areas, and the sign represents characteristics that come through life experiences.


Your Ascendant and Chart Ruler

Your Ascendant showcases the qualities that you may develop as a result of various life experiences. Ascendant and Chart Ruler together shows who you are becoming and your ideology of life.

The Chart Ruler rules the sign in which your ascendant is sitting. Identify your ascendant sign from your horoscope. Now we know house, planets, Sun, Moon and ascendant. Combining all these, you can have a more detailed life look.

If you have two ruling planets, consider both of them equally important.

Your Chart Ruler represents YOU in your chart and how you can grow in life.

Combining It All Together

So far, you have uncovered essential elements of your Janam Kundali. Understanding all of them sincerely will give you a broader and more in-depth idea of your life happenings.

  • Now taking this natal chart interpretation further, let’s associate everything and gain an over-all idea of the birth chart. The connection of these elements with other planets of your chart is called aspects.
  •  Now analyze the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars.) The middle planets:( Jupiter and Saturn.) the outer planets ( Uranus and Neptune)And the comets: Chiron and Pluto. Analyzing their house and sign placements.
  • As you move out to the distant planets, their characteristics become less apparent. And as a side note, pay special consideration to any planets in the 1st house as they will strongly impact your personality and experiences.
  • Carefully identify all the elements along with the planets. Every planet gifts us particular traits. And combining it with other factors can give you a better picture of your self
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Concluding Notes

Natal chart reading is not rocket science. Nowadays, people use online birth chart interpretations. It gives quick, and reliable foretells of your past, present, and future life.

mPanchang provides Kundali Software, in case you want to understand the birth chart completely. It also gives free online Janam kundali. Understanding your natal chart is gaining a birds-eye view of your life. Get your Natal Chart interpretation now!

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