How To Remove Brake Dust From Wheels?

Cleaning a car may sound an easy task, but surely isn’t when it comes to the detailing. You can get this done either at home or hire a professional car cleaning service at any time anywhere. Not only the interiors require cleaning from scratch, but exterior car wheels also require a clean wash. So why not give your car a shiny new appearance while giving it a perfect cleaning. In this blog, we will help you in removing the brake dust from your big giant wheels. So, continue reading if you want to give your car a new look.

  1. Wheels should be cool to touch and no under the direct sunlight – In order to start with, you have to make sure that the vehicles are out of the reach of sunlight and once the wheel cools down you can start attacking the affected areas.
  2. Rinse the wheels to remove the contaminants – So, now before you get your hands on the chemical cleaners and brushes, it is better to splash water on your car’s wheels in order to remove the heavy dirt. This will eventually help in scrubbing and cleaning away the dust on the wheels and underneath.
  3. Get your hands on the correct wheel cleaner – You might all have water and soap in it, but it isn’t that way. Your big wheels and rims aren’t prepared of the same material, and all wheels aren’t also the same, so choosing the best and most appropriate to clean the car wheels is very important.
  4. Spraying the brake dust cleaner is the next strep – Once you are equipped with the most appropriate cleaner, the next step is to diligently spray that cleaner on each of your wheels, in order to loosen the dirt sticking on it. Give the cleaner some time to get its work done.
  5. Scrub the wheels with a brush now – Now, by giving the required time when the cleaner is settled and pulled out the dust contaminants from the wheel, gently scrub the wheels with a soft-bristle brush.
  6. Use a hose to spray lots of clean water – After all the hard work done, it is the time to give the wheels a clean and nice splash of water to escalate all the dirt and dust from the spot. In case you missed any spots, the clean water can surely act as a life saviour for that.
  7. Dry it off by using a clean rag – Last but not least do not forget to dry off your car’s wheel by using a clean cloth or a microfibre rag, in order avoid any part to get affected.
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These steps will surely help you clean your car’s wheels/brake at home and in case you need any professional assistance, there is nothing to worry about. You can hire GoKleen and avail their corporate car wash services. They trained professionals who will give your car a brand-new look, wherever and whenever you require.