How to select the right kind of photo booth?

If you are planning an event, party or corporate function, you may want to consider renting a photo booth. They should be a supporter of any event, letting their guests leave with a great reminiscence of the experience. In seconds you can capture moments with friends and family and in most cases have comfort and support devices to enhance the fun at the photobooth hire Melbourne.

Due to the craze of the years, there are many companies that rent photo booths for events. Depending on where you are located, you will have many options for renting a booth, but how do you decide? Take a look at the information below for advice and which companies to hire.

Booth type

Technological advances have allowed photo booth hire Melbourne to become high-tech gadgets. There are old-fashioned, small singular images. The latest booths can include touch screen controls, high resolution digital cameras and green screen technology to optimize the background of photos. There are many types and sizes available so compare the booths offered by the company. Often companies have older models, which are offered at a lower rate, but with photo booth technology you get what you pay for.

Themes and accessories

Companies can often change the look of the booth around your event theme. The occasion can also be a photo booth outdoor cover, customized props and a background of photos. For example, a normal wedding is currently the choice of an old wedding for them. Modern photo booths do not match the theme, except that old colors and accessories can blend into the photo booth within the theme. The booth’s epidermis, classic booth props and even staff uniforms look old-fashioned and will allow the use of modern accessories at the event. If you have a theme, then look for a company that can style a photo booth based on your theme.

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Video messaging

Another great feature of modern day photo booths is the ability to record video messages for the event host. Often controlled by a touch screen, the guest simply selects the video messaging option and records the message quickly. Some booths in the market have a time limit of 10 seconds; Others have no deadline for the message. If you need to send a video message, please check with the company they can offer and whether you are limited in the length of the message.


The cost of renting a photo booth varies depending on your location and your need for a booth. Often a company charges you by an hour with a minimum rental period, and then some features may incur additional charges. Don’t assume that the advertised price is the price you will pay a quote for your event and a green screen for the hourly rental period and ask for everything you need to book a guest. Be sure to explain.

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