Start your Medicine Delivery Business at Your Hometown with Uber for Pharmacy Delivery

Today, mobile on demand orders have made life easy for people. We can order food or get a cab easily by pulling out our smart phones and tapping a few times on the screen. However, that’s not the only industry that needs an online pharmacy delivery application platform.

One of the most needed sectors today is the pharmacy delivery sector. As more and more people are being forced to stay indoors owing to the global pandemic, it is of utmost importance to make sure that people can get their medicines delivered on time right at their doorstep.

pharmacy delivery application

Entrepreneurs and businessmen all over the world are disrupting the age old supply demand chain of medicine delivery with the help of the online delivery mobile apps. These start ups are making a huge impact on the industry by easing the problems of their customers. In order to make sure that you too can get a head start in this industry, you must get a readymade on demand pharmacy delivery app.

Why is a Pharmacy Delivery Application Necessary Today?

At the present time people discuss with a doctor even for minor illnesses like, cough, cold, etc. Once the doctor prescribes the medicines, they can avail it from any pharmacy nearby. However, the problem arises when you need a regular supply of medicine without having any close shops to go to.

Even during times like the lockdown, when people aren’t supposed to freely move about the city, it may be difficult to get medicines when the urgent need arises. This is where the need for a good pharmacy delivery application arises.

Your pharmacy delivery application will become the chief reason for people to be able to sit back in the safety of their homes and get their medicines delivered to their doorsteps.

Business Model of Online Medicine Delivery Startup

Online medicine delivery startup business model is primarily classified into two types, based on how they function and make money. Let us take a look at how each model works and operates.

Independent pharmacy

In this kind of a model, the business owner hoards a huge supply of medicines in various warehouses. Whenever the customers log in, they can upload their prescription and the store can confirm the availability of the medicines after checking their reserves. After this, the payment is made by the customer and the order is delivered to the house of the customer.

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The aggregator model

This is the most popular kind of business model because it doesn’t require the entrepreneur to take any risks. This also means that as an entrepreneur, all you need to do is get in touch with multiple pharmacies that already have the stock. When the customer logs in to the app, they can see the stores nearby and then click to select the medicines that they need, and add them to the cart. Once they are added to the cart, the customers can check out the items by making the payment. After the successful realization of the payment, the order is confirmed and the delivery is made to the doorsteps of the customers.

Each time an order is placed, the pharmacy gets their share of the revenue and you keep making a commission every time.

This business is gaining a lot of momentum in the market. It doesn’t require a lot of capital to start and always has many venture capitalists eager to invest in it. Starting Online Pharmacy Delivery Business is an outstanding way of inflowing into the world of entrepreneurship. Not just hospitals and clinics order supplies, but millions of people today are turning to online pharmacy deliveries, rather than the conventional medicine purchase type.

Also, patrons are seeing immense prospective in bringing the sector of Health and Life Sciences online. Bearing in mind this scenario, a lot of Health Care App Development Companies are also ensuring that they can tie up with online apps to ensure the continued delivery of their services and products.

Online Pharmacy Delivery Services provide an easy supply of prescription medicines, OTC (over the counter) medications, non-prescription health care products, health care tools, and devices.

However, everything isn’t as easy as it seems. There are many things that you have to keep in mind when you start your own entrepreneurship with the help of an on demand application. The first thing that you need to do is check online to find, “How to Start Online Pharmacy Delivery Startup?”

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Apart from this, make sure that you bear in mind, what are the technologies use to build your apps. IT is important to keep in mind what kinds of skills are require to make your app successful. You have to remember that you don’t necessarily need to be a pharmacist or a doctor to start this business. All you need to be is a willing entrepreneur with the right kind of mobile application.

Website and Mobile App

As we’ve been saying, having a pharmacy delivery application is a very important thing today. For this, you have to understand that all the components involve in the app should be working smoothly and without any glitches.

When someone downloads the app, they look forward to the process if purchase being an easy one. In case it isn’t it deters people from using your mobile app and the people are automatically forced to turn to your competitors. To this effect you have to ensure that your app is easily navigable, easy to use and also interactive.

While you can go for the Hosted platform options, most people opt for the Open Source Platform. This is because:

Following are reasons behind it –

  • The majority of the versions are absolutely free.
  • Offered a very flexible platform
  • You can do the domain registration yourself. You can also ask the app developers of your app to manage this.
  • Most of the open-source platforms offer shopping cart in their premium version.
  • Some of the famous examples are Magento, X-Cart, Drupal, and OpenCart.

The important thing to note is that you don’t really have to be a developer or a technical expert in order to have the application. You can simply get in touch with a reliable Pharmacy Delivery Development Company and get a fully develop on demand pharmacy delivery application. With the web version you’re your Online Medicine Delivery Startup.

Time to Build your own Online Pharmacy Start Up

When someone orders the medicines online, they aren’t only looking to buy medicines at lower price. They are looking for convenience and ease of use. It is thereby important to ensure that the overall experience of using your application is absolutely easy.

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To boost your sales, you can advertise using various social media platforms.

How does the app help the Pharmacists

While major pharmacy chains have been able to establish their business. And manage deliveries on their own, smaller companies almost always have to suffer. They don’t stand a chance when it comes to competing with big companies.

Your app will give you the opportunity to help the local pharmacies earn money. Through your app, they can ensure that their products are bought. While they earn their share, each time someone places an order using your app, you will continue to make money.

Why the marketplace model for this on-demand medicine delivery?

I said earlier that this medicine delivery startup will be effective and justifiable only when it operated using the marketplace model. What you need to do is to make the nearby pharmacies in a locality to list their store in the app. So, this avoids the monopoly and benefits everyone in the field.

This model involves no inventory and requires very small infrastructure. So, as an entrepreneur, you can converge most of your funds on improving the core operations of the startup. 

How to set up your own business?

The first step is easy. Just do the market research to identify the high areas of demand. Then you can plan to launch the app accordingly on those regions. Then, you must find a fully developed app that is ready to launch with your brand name and logo in 3 to 4 business days.

The app will help you establish your brand into your industry. Make sure you only get the app after you have tested it multiple times. If the app is in ready condition, the app developers will be able to provide you with an unlimited duration of demo. Go through the on demand pharmacy delivery app and experience it for yourself before committing your business to it.

That’s all! Once you have the app up and running you should be able to establish and grow your own on demand pharmacy delivery business!

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