How to Take Proper Care of Winter Tyres?

Most car owners love their cars and make an effort to their investment in good condition. They wash it regularly and check the oils to make sure that it functions safely and efficiently. But people often forget to take care of one of the most important parts of the car and that is the tyres.

Tyres require extra special care as they are the only part that comes in contact with the road and has to endure a lot of wear and tear. If the cars are too worn or not suitable for the conditions you are driving then you will be compromising your safety along with the safety of other people on the road.

The weather conditions can have a serious impact on the condition of the tyres. If you live in a cold region where it snows then it is important that you invest in winter tyres. They are designed to handle the tough winter conditions and make sure that the car is able to function without any problem. To ensure the best performance of the winter tyres you need to buy from the best like Avon car tyre Birmingham and take good care of them.

Here area few winter tyre tips that a car owner should know

Installing new tyres:

If you live or regularly commute to an area where it snows regularly then you should install the new tyres about a month before the winter season starts. If you keep driving with old tyres then you will be putting yourself in danger because in cold weather the old tyres harden and can easily lose grip on the road. They can cause the car to slip or skid and result in a serious accident.

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Maintaining ideal tyre pressure:

The tyres can get underinflated in the winter season because the low temperature causes the molecules to contract. When the molecules contract the volume of the air decreases and tyres deflate. When the tyre pressure is less than ideal it affects the performance of the car. The efficiency of the brake is affected if the tyre pressure is not perfect.

The wrong tyre pressure also increases the wear and the tyres reach their expiration date pretty quickly. Underinflation makes it hard for the tyres to hold their shape which not only increases the tread wear but also increases the read wear. It also results in higher rolling resistance making it hard to control the car in turns especially when the driving conditions are poor.

Install a full set of winter tyres:

When you change the tyres before the winter season it is important that you change all four of them. By investing in a full set the vehicle will have equal tyres. If you change just two then it will have a negative impact on the driving experience as the balance will be disturbed. Different types of tyres function differently depending on the weather condition. In winter season the weather conditions are not good for driving so it is better that all the four tyres have similar performance as they will have the same traction and flexibility. It will be easier for them to handle wet, cold, icy and snowy conditions.

Proper storage:

When the winter season ends you should take the winter tyres off and store them properly so that you are able to use them next year as well. You can replace them with all-season or summer tyres. To keep them in good condition you need to store them properly.

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Make sure that the place you are storing the tyres is dark, dry and clean. Never put them in direct sunlight because it will damage the rubber and they will not be useable in next winter. Do not store them near air ducts or heaters as hot air is not hood for them. It is better to wrap them in waterproof covers as well.

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