How to Upload Android App on Google Play Store in 2021

Have you decided to Upload Android App to Play Store? Are you looking for the perfect way? You have landed in the right place! Thanks to this post, you will finally understand how to Upload Android App to Play Store as well as the Price for Uploading App in Play Store. After reading it, you will know how to and release your app on the Google Play Store without any hassle. There are 1 billion Android active users in the world so having your special place in the Google Play Store will take you closer to reach out to your target audience. Of course, introducing your special product to the world can seem to be exciting and tricky at the same time. However, do not worry at all because we can help you and guide you through the whole release process on the Play Store. If you follow the steps and tips we offer you below then you will perfectly Upload Android App to Play Store and your app will be soon ready for download. 

Just note that there are more than 2.8 million apps available on Play Store and that almost 3739 apps are released daily. This means that you should make sure your app is one of the most competitive choices that will attract Android users all over the world. Hurry up to explore useful tips below and you will successfully upload app on Google Play Store. Let’s get started with publishing your very first app.

Evaluate Your App

The first and most important step is the process of evaluation. You must test your app in any ways you can in order to be 100% sure that your app will perform perfectly before uploading it on play store. For this purpose, you can also use emulators. Just remember that if you use an Android-powered device then the testing process will be more efficient. As a result, you can have a chance to use your app on a real device and analyze any bugs present in your app. 

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Make the Size of Your App You Want to Upload as Compact as Possible

While creating your app, please do not forget to concise its size. Remember, the size of any app you are going to upload is more important than you could ever think. Almost all users look for an app that is not so big. Users do not download an app which is big and takes an excessive amount of space in their system. If we talk about Google, even it allows the app size up to 50 MB. However, if your app is so big, you will need APK expansion documents to break it up into components so it may be uploaded. You should also be signed to Google Play Console and be a Play publisher. Android APK’s Expansion document is needed when your app crosses this limit but you want to launch it successfully. So thanks to this step, your app will be divided into many components, each up to 2GB. This also gives you an extra 4GB space to your app. In this case, additional data is stores in Google Cloud which is retrieved anytime your app is installed. 

Get Your App Licensed

It goes without saying that getting your app licensed is an optional function. However, if you do this step it will never bring any disadvantage. 

Prepare an APK file with Bundle ID and Version Number

By preparing an APK document, you can assign a version number for your app in it that will aid you later on when you have to upload a new update on your app. Bundle ID is what can make your app unique and it is also used as App ID. This is an essential part when you are submitting your application. This can apply to all of the apps for Android 5.0 and above.

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Sign the App with all the Security Certificate

For Google Play Store Submission Service, you also need to get a safety certificate signed as an APK. Every time you will need it if you decide to release your app in the Play Store. This is also known as the JSK file containing credentials such as the Keystore password.

Create Your App Store List

Getting Google Play Store Submission Service includes many steps and one of them is app listing.  This is a step which helps you gain downloads. Many people don’t pay attention to app listing but if you do this before the release of your android app then you will surely enjoy the best ever results. You need to provide some information and details about your app so that your users will have some information about the app they are going to upload. 

How to Upload an App on Google Play Store

Before publishing your android app on Google Play Store, you should make sure that you follow all the guidelines given by Google, test each function of your app and ensure that everything is designed properly. 

Google Play Developer Console

Another step is signing in to Google search console in order to Upload Android App to Play Store. Developer console is like the backend controlling center, from where developers submit an app to Play Store. The Price for Uploading App in Play Store is a one-time fee of $25. Here the developer should open an account, loaded with functions and management features. You can easily upload apps to Google Play Store for free after paying this one-time fee. You should also provide the right information while creating the account. This includes your name, state and more. The processing time of your accounts to be submitted is about 48 hours.

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Link Account with Google Wallet Merchant Account

After uploading your app, you also need a merchant account. This will get linked to your Google Console accounts automatically and you will be able to analyze your app sales. 

Now you know how to upload your app on Google Play Store. So, simply follow these steps and you are good to go!

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