How to Use Discord in PC and Phone for PUBG?

About The Game – PUBG

PLAYER UNKNOWN’S Battleground is commonly known as pubg, and this game is top-rated, BRENDAN GREENE is the creative person behind the game. Pubg is an online multiplayer battle royal game that was developed by PUBG Corporation, and it is the subsidiary of South-Korean video game company BLUE HOLE. It is a competitive survival shooting game.

Into The game

Players are dropped into a wide-open area from the plane with the help of parachutes. They fight to the death – with all battlefield shrinks. Each match pits about 100 people against each other and you can win the game easily using its amazing features and More info. Some of them can be in teams while others will be going it alone. WINNERS RECEIVE PRESTIGIOUS, ”WINNER -WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER” Title, in the end.

What Is discord?

Just like Facebook and WhatsApp, the application provides multiple features of photo uploading, video-uploading, chatting, video calls, and video posting or photo posting so that we can connect to different -different communities. Discord also works like that only. It also provides multi features like chatting, video calling, and also it is very advanced as compared to Facebook and Whatsapp.

Discord is the most popular communication tool for online streaming and gaming people. People who play online Pc games must be familiar with the word discord.

Why Is It Designed?

This discord service is designed so that players can communicate and can easily coordinate through their private servers via text messages and voice-chat with the different other people.

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 How Does The Discord App Work?

 In this app, there is a chat lobby, a message board, and a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) chatting system, which, when installed in an app, protects the server from getting excessive loads on our phone or PC. This is the way it works with desktop and mobile platforms.

How To Use Discord?

Here are some steps which we should follow:

Firstly we have to install the discord app for the phone, or we can download directly through the website, then we have to create the discord account. After creating our account, we get two options:

To develop new discord server by own or

To join pre-existing servers.

You can also get premium usernames and passwords without much headache.

Understanding Discord In A General Way  

Discord is a type of school where there are classes from 1st to 12th, a staff room where only teachers can sit, and no students are allowed to enter. Then there is a principal office. So by this theory, we can now create our discord server like our school. We can create a server by entering our name, location, or picture. After that, we have the link which we use to send people to invite and let them join our server or group. We can also limit the number of users according to our needs, but for the gaming channel, we can set it to no limit option, or we can share, copy and paste this link in our WhatsApp group or youtube channel description.

We can create as many servers we want, but if we are a gamer, we must stick to only one server only because, in it, we can make different channels easily.

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Discord server also comes with two options, just like WhatsApp we can make text and voice groups in it. But this is more advanced and not like WhatsApp. in this, if a person makes offensive comments or talk, we can timeout them, or we can mute them, and the rest of all work the same. That’s why we will go with our classroom example where a teacher can punish their students if they do wrong, but we don’t need to expel them from school.

Discord Server Features

It is user friendly, free unlimited users, be used in the browser, easy setup, game integration, helpful for slack users, discord is focussed more toward games. It is more efficient in the use of bandwidth and RAM, which is faster than any other VoIP. It is more likely better for party chatting during matches because it focuses on low demand in CPU usage.

How Can We Use Discord In PC and Phone And Their Limitations In Both?

Discord is available on the windows and Mac computers, and one can download discord through or its website. Apart from that browser version has a lot of limitations, sometimes we face problems in detecting webcam or have multiple audio devices. Also, we cannot share screen functions with more than nine people at a time on PC.

Discord is also available for android devices and ios devices and has almost the same features as we see in PC. But screen sharing is not present for mobile versions, but we can still make video calls with users and receive screens from pc users.

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What Are Bots In Discord?

A discord bot is a robot that behaves like a human. A bot can be made as per our requirements just by doing simple codings. A bot can be a CHATBOT (a bot that chats and tries to behave like humans). A bot is something that will help us and make things in our easier guild; it also helps us in administering our discord guild when we are away.
Lastly, it’s a third-party application that helps us to connect with maximum friends and a group of fans while playing PUBG on the mobile as well as on Pc with complete control over voice chat.
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