How We Make a Thread on Twitter Account in Different Ways

Twitter is an American social networking site where users post messages known as “tweets” and communicate with them. Tweets were initially limited to hundred and forty characters, but for all languages except Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, this limit was increased to two hundred and eighty on November 7, 2017. Registered users can post tweets and retweet but unregistered can only read all the tweets. 

The first model of Twitter, created by Dorsey and contractor Florian Weber, was used as an internal product for Odeo employees and the full version was released in July 2006.

What is Twitter Thread?

A new feature called Twitter Thread, also known as Tweet-storm, has recently been introduced by Twitter. A Twitter thread means a sequence of one person’s connected Tweets. It helps you connect multiple tweets. So, with this app, you can easily break the two hundred and eighty character limit of Twitter. Click here to know about twitter accounts.

How to Create a Thread

Sometimes in order to express ourselves, we need more than one Tweet.  A Twitter thread is a series of one person’s connected Tweets. Through linking multiple Tweets together, you can provide extra information, an update, or an extended point with a string. Here is the way to create a thread in your twitter account;

    Tape the tweet button to draft a new tweet

    If you want to add another tweet tape the Plus button

    Twitter has character limitation if you cross that limit twitter will highlight the additional characters that would be easier to draft a tweet.

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    There will be also deleted button if you want to delete your tweet.

    You can always add additional Tweets from the thread information section once you have added a tweet. Simply click or tap to post additional Tweet(s), add another Tweet. Only the thread writer can see this prompt.

How to View Threads 

A thread from someone you follow with two or three tweets will usually appear in a row linked to your timeline to differentiate them as a package. The Tweets will be shortened when there are four or more Tweets in a list, and you will see an option to show these tweets. To extend the entire thread, click on “show this thread”. Threads on the timeline of your account will appear in sequential order as separate tweets. Every Tweet that is part of your thread will have an option to view the thread in its entire existence to show this thread.

There is something more about twitter thread that are mention below briefly.

Direct Messages

Using Direct Message, when sharing a single tweet from a thread, the recipient will see the Display this thread option to extend the whole thread for the entire context.

Thread Notification

If you are mentioned in a thread, you will receive notification and/or email notification, depending on your settings, you will receive timely notification. Sometimes you are waiting for someone’s reaction on your tweet then this feature would be very helpful for you.

Notification Timeline

It will be noticeable in your notifications timeline any time you are mentioned in a post. The Tweet will indicate that this thread prompt is part of a thread through that you shared.

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Push Notification

You will receive a notification to alert you each time you are mentioned in a thread. In addition, if you choose to receive push notifications if you tweet a message, you will receive push notifications.

Tweet and Retweet with Comments

The Retweet or Retweet with Comments from a thread will include a show this thread prompts for people to view the whole thread if you retweet or retweet with Comments. This is a very easy option for the users who love to retweet and they also add something additional that they want to say on the original tweet.

If you have your personal Twitter account, you can combine tweets about your work with tweets about other items that are of interest to you, such as activities, news, and general thoughts. Insights into your life’s non-academic aspects can help make you an interesting person to follow.

When you tweet on behalf of an entity, program or team, you may choose to submit tweets related to research only. Twitter is a fairly casual communication tool so don’t be afraid to embrace a tweeting style that is private, friendly and humorous.

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