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How You Should Match Your Shoes with Your Suit

It is a seemingly simple task to find the shoes that will match your suit. But there are many men who have tried different combinations and have failed, they would tell you that matching shoes with your suit are not an easy thing to do.

It can get tricky sometimes since there are many colors, styles and dress codes that you need to take into consideration. But to give you a little help here are a few things that you need to know that will help you match the shoes with your suit. You need to know the latest fashion wear for men so here are some fundamentals.

Styles of smart shoes

Before you start to read about specifics. It is important to know about the types of shoes that you can wear with a suit.

  • Derby

Derby shoes is the best friend of every businessman. You can wear it to the boardroom and also at a bar. The transition is seamless. It is mostly recognized by its open lacing system.

  • Oxford

You can think of Oxford as the smartest sibling of derby. It is a go-to shoes when you are wearing black or white tie. The detailing on the oxford shoes tells if the shoe is formal or informal wear.

  • Brogue

Brogue shoe is similar to oxford shoe. It has some detailing at the top of the shoes. Often the detailing is done on the additional panel of the leather that is at the front of the shoes. They are mostly referred to as smart casual shoes.

  • Monk strap
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Monk strap is a slightly more adventurous option when picking formal shoes. You can wear it at a cocktail party and also at a business meeting. This latest fashion wear for men has received a lot of recognition in recent years. You can find monk strap shoes with a single strap and also with a double strap.

  • Loafer

Another shoe style that comes without laces is the perfect option for informal occasions and business casual wear. You can pick between leather and suede material depending on the look you are going for; suede gives a more relaxed look and leather gives a smarter look.

  • Smart Sneaker

In past years it was considered a sin if a man would pair sneakers with a formal suit. but today is not the same case, a man can easily pair up the sneakers a suit. Many young men you would see wearing white sneakers and a formal pants.

If you are wearing a darker then you have very limited options left with you to pick shoes. Normally with the dark-colored suit you can wear black only. For light-colored suits, you can either wear brown leather, black formal shoes or even blue leather shoes.