HR Software: The Secret Sauce To Thriving Hybrid Workforce

A black swan was still something that the world leaders had expected, but a pandemic that would change the whole way to live and work- we never saw it coming. The whole 2020 is gone in experiencing the effects of it and we still don’t know when will this come to an end. As we are treading towards the future, we are seeing the ‘work life balance change’ to ‘work life merge’. In this whole process, if there is one thing that has helped businesses the most in keeping their people together and motivated to work from their homes then it has to be HR software and online payroll software in India.

Remote work was made possible through the help of technology and undeniably HR software has a big role play. Just like employees have upskilled themselves to serve and support their organisations in a better way, the same way HR software too have upgraded themselves in terms of features.

So, in this blog we will discuss how HR software is helping hybrid workforce thrive. Let’s begin!

Mobile App- A mobile app has been of great help when it comes to giving everyone in a company the ease to check all the updates on mobile and even market attendance through it while they also get push and pull notifications for it.

Whatsapp Connect– This feature was also introduced by some to add comfort and make communication swiffer. Whatsapp notifications are now delivered for employees as a reminder to check on the app or the activity they need to look at.

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Engagement tools– HR software introduced a list of features to keep employees in touch with their peers, managers and leaders. For instance, badges and rewards to appreciate each other and chat to have one on one and group discussions.Besides, it has features like announcement and more to increase engagement and not let it go for a toss.

Remote payroll processingOnline payroll software India has been of great help when it came to ensuring that every employee gets their right salary amount to their accounts in time. Before this, the companies were also following a cash system for salary payment but those who were using online payroll software in India that are cloud based faced no sudden worries like them.

Continuous listening– When employees are working from home and the social activities are limited to nothing or little, and the anxiety issues are peaking, it is the responsibility of employers to keep in touch. But, how do they talk to everyone working everyday? Some HR software walked an extra mile and introduced pulse and survey features that can really help the employees in letting the employer know what is worrying them and gauging the mood of employees. This helped the employer show love, care and support in time.

The Way Ahead

Companies have in the start reacted differently to this workmodel but with time they have accepted as mostly this work model has impacted businesses positively. There are companies who find work from home so productive that they have extended it till next summer or whole year. In future, the workplaces can become the places where we come together to brainstorm and share ideas once in a while. This is why companies are actively investing in digital tools.

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In future in terms of tech, we can expect more AI integrated HR software would be there. Big data will also be worked upon so that the same can be used by leaders to connect in a much better way. The kind of data that tells them how much they need to improvise in which area, where they can invest more, where they should hold back. Basically, the new distributed and remote work model is in the making for the future and technology is going to rule it!