Immigration Myths Busted Here

When you hear the word immigration, several words keep running on our minds. Most people don’t have much clear idea about the process. Many of them change their course of life as they scare to go through the immigration process. From finding the Best immigration Consultant In Delhi to arranging the fees; everything seems to be a mammoth task for them. Moreover, there are many myths about the industry that create more confusion and misconception among people. To clear all the doubts, here are the myth busters that will show you the light of the day so that you can make a better decision.

Myth #1: Most of the Immigration Consultants Are Fraud.

Fact: The registered immigration agencies are not frauds as they provide genuine service otherwise their registration will be canceled. However, there are people who want to save money and fall for frauds who offer fewer packages. It is true that just like any other agencies scams are quite common in the immigration industry as well. On the other hand, there are so many ways to you can check the authenticity of the consultant by checking the registration number, reviews, feedbacks, and experiences.

Myth #2: Immigration Consultants Can Control The Approval Of Visa Application.

Fact: The approval of the visa application depends on the immigration department of the respective country. The applicant has to submit the application form with all the required details, authentic documents to support the claims and immigration fees for the process. There are so many criteria of immigration depending on the requirement of different countries. The requirements should be matched with the profile of the applicants to become a suitable candidate. Moreover, the profile has to be strong enough to beat the competition. The role of the immigration agency is to supervise the whole process and guide the applicants so that they don’t make any mistake. The Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi always makes sure that the candidate fulfills all the required factors to maximize the chance. 

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Myth #3: Anyone Can Become An Immigration Consultant.    Immigration is a specialized sector. The agent must be well aware of the rules and regulations of the immigration department. More importantly, they need registration to start their set up. It is a completely wrong notion that anyone can become an immigration consultant. They need experience, knowledge, and awareness regarding this industry to assist the applicant properly.