How to Implement Tally Single / Multi User Remote Access on Cloud?

In this article you will learn how can a user implement Tally Multi-User Remote Access on Cloud. Tally is available in two versions i.e. Tally Single User & Tally Multi-User. Many users want to know how to host Tally Online Service to remote access multi-user Tally program.

Implementing Tally Multi-User Remote Access Via LAN Connection:

You can host & remote access Tally Accounting Software multi-user through a LAN connection. One can also remote access Tally software from a specified location without any problem using a LAN connection. You can view your records, or even manage your transactions instantly.

But the main problem while doing so is that, you cannot access Tally remotely through LAN connection. It only has limits to the accessibility to the local location. To use it remotely, the users need to Host Tally Online on Cloud. Implementing Tally on Cloud will help the users to access Tally Software remotely.

Choosing Best Tally on Cloud Service – NetForChoice

There are various Tally Online Service providers in India, which offer many features & advantages to its users. NetForChoice also offers you the latest version of Tally ERP 9 software to host on cloud. You can test & take the free trial of this Tally software without any issue. Once you are fully satisfied with our services, you can purchase the space for yourself according to the requirement to host Tally software. It offers users a large number of advantages as some of them are listed below:

Advantages of using Tally Online Software:

There are a large number of benefits that are offered by this software as some of them are listed below:

  • Users can access Tally accounting software remotely from any location.
  • One can access Tally Software online on any device including Phones, Laptops, Mobiles, PCs having compatibility with Windows & Mac OS.
  • It provides users support for real-time synchronization to sync data from multi locations concurrently.
  • Tally Online service offers users a facility to host all your Tally data on a centralized server.
  • Installing Tally on Cloud is very easy & does not require any technical knowledge for configuration.
  • Tally ERP 9 on Cloud is highly secured & supports Data Flow encryption.
  • Simple & Easy to use basic Tally interface to provide the same feel to the users.
  • 100% Server Uptime to Provide you seamless service.
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Can I use single-user Tally on multiple computers?

Yes, you can do it. To do so, you have to host Tally Software on cloud & then access single users Tally on Multiple devices through a Web Login Portal. You only have to provide Username & Password of Tally Remote Login.

How does Tally multi-user work?

The tally comes up with two types of licenses, Single User Tally & Multi-User Tally. Single User Tally or Silver licensed Tally can only be used only a single device, while Tally Multi-User (Gold), can be used on multiple devices through a Remote Login app.

How can I access Tally Remotely?

You can access Tally remotely by dual ways. First, you can try the Tally Remote Login App, which will help you to gain access to the Tally software. But for this, you must have a Multi-user license. Or you can also try accessing Tally through a Professional Tally Online Service, that will provide you other benefits like accessibility on Mobiles & Tablets also.

How can we use a Tally ERP 9 single user on multiple without the cloud?

Yes, you can use a Tally ERP 9 Single User on Multiple without Cloud through LAN connection. But, with LAN, the only problem you can face is that you can access it only from a limited size of the area where networking cables are connected. In the case of long-distance, you have to try Tally on Cloud service.

Comments on Tally Online Service:

I was facing a lot of problems while accessing my Inventories in Tally on another PC at home. My whole data is in my Office PC & due to lockdown I am unable to get its access. So, one of our associates gives us an idea to host Tally ERP 9 on cloud & then access it remotely. With NetForChoice, this complex task becomes very much easier & now I can say that it is the best in class Tally Online Service in the market.

Shreya Singhal, Bhuvneshwar

Very Cost-friendly service that helped me to get access to my single user Tally remotely on multiple devices. This NFC service always helped us to cut a large amount of money from our infrastructural investments. I am very happy with this amazing Tally on Cloud Service. Thank you, team,

Dr. Laxmi Kant Dirge, Bilaspur