Importance of adding ghee in the kid’s diet: know now!
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Importance of adding ghee in the kid’s diet: know now!

Yes! The science says a lot about the importance of including ghee in the kid’s diet. Ghee, nothing but the clarified butter is loaded with vitamins and nutrients required for a range of bodily functions. Even in traditional medicines, Ayurveda uses ghee while preparing medicines. Ghee has amazing medicinal properties. Ghee increases the bioavailability and absorption of various vitamins and minerals in the body. 

Good and right nutrition plays a major role in your kid’s diet during the growing stage for a healthy life. So, include ghee in the diet to achieve maximum health benefits in one go! Ghee adds a rich aroma with a nutty flavour to the food. Ghee is used in many preparations like dal, curries, desserts, and sweets. Here, in this article, let’s find the benefits of adding the most nutritious ghee in the kid’s diet.

Benefits of adding ghee in the kid’s diet:

Adding a spoon of quality ghee can make your kid stronger and happier. Let’s see the benefits of adding this wonder nutrient in your kid’s diet:

Brain development:

The omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin E present in the ghee help to improve brain function. Research says that the addition of ghee in the diet should start from the early stage as it helps in creating synaptogenesis.

Improves brain power:

Kids who add ghee regularly in their diet helps to improve brainpower.

Cures dry cough:

Yes! Many Ayurvedic preparations have ghee as the carrier. This is because ghee offers us a laden of nutrients required for the body to cure various illnesses and diseases. Well! It is true that ghee along with peppercorn is given to the kid’s to cure dry cough. The next time when your kid suffers from dry cough, feed him or her with this mixture to relieve from respiratory-related issues. If your kid is not getting relief from repeated bouts of cold or cough, then speak to the doctor and get his advice. If medicines or antibiotics are prescribed to ease the cold symptoms, order them from a trusted online drug store and get them delivered directly at your doorstep.

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Improves digestion:

Ghee is rich in butyric acid which when added in the diet helps to ease inflammation and improves digestion.

Strengthens bones:

Ghee is rich in vitamin D and vitamin K which helps in the strengthening of bones and joints. So, never forget to add a spoon of ghee in your kid’s meal!

Immunity booster:

Ghee has anti-oxidants and anti-microbial properties which help the kids to fight against infection like the common cold, cough, and flu.

Regulates thyroid gland function:

The iodine present in ghee helps in regulating thyroid gland function.

Absorbs nutrients:

Ghee when included as part of the diet helps to easily absorb nutrients from the food and transports to the other body parts where it is requires the most.

High smoking point:

Ghee has the highest smoking point compared to all other oils, hence it doesn’t break into free radicals. So moms! Don’t worry about the nutrient loss while you bake, deep fry or if it is over-cooked in ghee.

The best substitute for lactose intolerance:

If your kid is suffering from lactose intolerance, then adding ghee in his or her diet may solve the issue. This is because ghee doesn’t have lactic acid present in it. Thus preventing your child from getting allergies.

Relieves constipation:

No doubt! Ghee can treat your kid’s constipation issues. All you need to do is, give your child a glass of warm milk with a spoon of ghee mixed in it. This helps to ease constipation-related health concerns.

Treats burns and cuts:

Rubbing ghee on the cut or burn area can soothe the pain. Also, it moisturizes and removes dryness of the skin. You can also buy good moisturizer for your child based on the skin type from the best online medical website and get discounts on every skincare products you choose.

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Ghee a natural taste enhancer, which not only improves the taste of the food, but also provides loads of nutrients and amazing benefits for the body, which is vital during the kid’s developmental stage. Add good quality ghee for enhancing the aroma of the dish, to improve cold, cough, frequent episodes of fever, strengthen immunity, and enhance brainpower. Speak to the dietician to find the right proportion to add to your kid’s diet according to the age. So, give your child the healthiest of all the oils to improve immunity and to keep diseases at bay!

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