Flashcard app for android

Important Steps Involve In Creating Flash Cards

The various educational app has been developed so far for the betterment and growth of the students. Flashcard app is one of those effective apps which provide an amazing experience to the student who struggles to revise at the last moment and always has a feeling of some part of the syllabus is left to revise. Now, students can revise the whole syllabus and no time would waste in revisiting same content. As the flashcard education app is so popular, and people like it the most, developers or maker have already announced a flashcard app for android and iMac. Let’s understand the process of flashcard app and how the student uses it to increase their revision speed and get good grades in academic.

Process of Creating Flashcards:

Step 1: Breaking the material into small pieces

Break your content of one particular topic to many parts after summarizing or making question and answers or any other ways. Students need to make sure they split the whole content properly. Ones, the process of dividing the content is done. Student can write the content on the flashcards and start revising through the flashcard app. People who feel slow while typing can also use speech to text software, where the student just have to speak clearly, and then the desired text will be displayed on the flashcards. Option for different language is also available on the software, and it would help you speak into your language that would further convert the text into English.

Step 2: Arranging the cars as per the levels

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Flashcard app for android works on the different levels, the syllabus has been divided into. Six levels are starting from level 0 to 5. Initial level 0 and 1 have the content where the student feels maximum struggle. It is advised not to keep more than 15 cards at a time, as it becomes difficult to revise. When the student started to revise the content of cards kept in level 0, their level starts to increase. As per the response, the card started to shift from level 0 to 1 then 2, and gradually reach to level 5. Ones the card shift to level 5, then there is no need to revise. Shifting the car to level 5 suggest the students that the content has been revised properly and the students are showing confidence response.

Step 3: Repetition

Ones the whole content is revised or the flashcards placed to level 4 or 5, the student can start to align the cards for different content. There may be a case when the content doesn’t move even after submitting the correct answer; then the student needs to check the content and tally the answer as per the topic if any update is required then perform the update. After the update, try submitting the answer and check the response.

Learning with flashcard app android is quite comfortable and relaxing. Now, the student can access the flashcard app through their android phones and practice or memories their content and get confident.

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