Important Tips You Need to Know to buy Coloured Contact Lenses

Buying coloured contact lenses for the first time is a big thing for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are switching from eyeglasses for prescription contact lenses for vision correction or buying Halloween contact lenses like white out contact lenses.

When it comes to buying coloured contact lenses you have to be careful. Yes, buying coloured contact lenses and Halloween contact lenses is safe for you. But, still you need to be very careful with the purchase and handling of these lenses to ensure perfect safety.

Always get a prescription from a doctor

So you have finally decided to buy coloured contact lenses or Halloween contact lenses such as the white out contact lenses.

But before you go to any store you need to get a prescription from a doctor. This will help you in identifying what type of lens would suit you. It will help you a long way.

Take proper care for your Halloween and coloured contact lenses.

It doesn’t matter if they are coloured or Halloween contact lenses. If you are going to use them you must take proper care. Wash them with disinfectant solution, never touch them without washing your hands and keep them safely in their cases.

Don’t wash your lenses with water or another home made solution.

Never washes your coloured or Halloween eye contact with water. Water unlike disinfectant solution have micro-organism in it and they can stick on your Halloween lenses. Once you put on your eyes they will cause discomfort and they can even cause infection. Also never use home made solution, you never know what those solution are made of.

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If you accidentally sleep in them, don’t try to take them off right away.

Yes you heard that right, you cannot sleep whille you are wearing your coloured or Halloween contact lenses. You need to take them off before you go to bed. That is because contact lenses hinder the allowance of oxygen and because of that your eyes dry up. And if you slept like that your eye will get even drier and the lenses may stick on the eye surface. This will probably cause corneal abrasion.

But if by chance you forget to take them off and slept away. Never take them off immediately, first re-wet your eyes with eye drops and then take them off. After that you must consult with your doctor immediately

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