comfortable wheelchair cushions

Improves Posture and Relieve Pressure of Body by Use of Cushion

For sitting, comfortable wheelchair cushions provides more than just a comfortable place. The right cushion can make a real difference to your quality of life, saving you from life-threatening complications, if you spend a lot of time in a wheelchair, power wheelchair, or scooter because of limited mobility.

Cushions range in price from as little as $30 for a basic seat to a few hundred dollars for a more advanced design. A variety of technologies are available for varying levels of comfort and support. Cushions are designed to correct posture and also to relieve pressure on sensitive areas of the body, reducing the risk of pressure sores, which can lead to fatal infections if not detected and treated.

Types of Cushions:

Basic cushions are made of polyurethane foam or a similar material with a waterproof covering. This is an economic, comfortable seat ideal for people with limited mobility but who don’t spend as much time in a wheelchair or are not at risk of developing pressure sores. The same material can be molded to an ergonomic design, adding postural support.

Other designs include gel or air-filled cells which provide extra protection against pressure sores by conforming to the user. Different designs place cells of varying sizes and shapes in different positions to combine support with pressure relief.

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Multi-layer wheelchair cushions combine different technologies to correct posture and prevent and treat pressure sores at the same time. These cushions may have a metal base and may contain layers of foam of varying density, air sacs, and gel or fluid.

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Correcting Physical Posture:

Total Chair Cushion

Wheelchair backs are also available to help correct posture and provide comfort and cushioning. They are made of foam or have a multi-layer design, with a metal frame or panels to add extra support to specific parts of the body, such as the thorax.

Power-base wheelchairs come with a variety of seats with varying levels of comfort and support. They are ergonomically designed and look similar to office chairs or car driver seats (these are referred to as “pilot” seats). The most versatile choice, especially for someone who may be at risk for pressure sores, is a power wheelchair. These wheelchairs have a similar design to that of a manual wheelchair and the user can choose a Memory Foam wheelchair cushion and wheelchair back combination which meets their comfort and support needs.

If you spend a lot of time in a wheelchair or suffer paralysis, you need to be very careful to avoid pressure sores. Always check for these sores and seek immediate attention if you find one. Ask your doctor or physical therapist what kind of wheelchair cushion you need to support good posture and prevent sores. Medicare or insurance may cover the cost of buying a cushion for your wheelchair if your doctor gives you a prescription.

Sitting on a wheelchair might be a bit uncomfortable for you. You may find it as very boring because of some restrictions that you are bound to. But everything is easier nowadays. Now, there is a cushion which is especially designed for wheelchair in order for the person sitting on it to be more comfortable.

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Actually, wheelchair cushion is just one of those wheelchair accessories which are designed for the comfort of the persons sitting on their wheelchairs. This seat cushion s is very good and very advisable for those patients. This provides not just for a normal comfort but for additional medications. This could also add more convenience for the good of the disabled person. This cushion will also help promote good posture for the patients. Therefore, finding the best cushion also means that you could have the best posture and comfort too. And not only that, it also provides good respiration and blood circulation. Therefore its benefits are multiple and are very helpful.

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