Increase Positve Energy Of Your House By Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of stability and prosperous alive by removing negative and improving positive energies.But, If you’re knowledgeable about vastu shastra, read our article by Best Astrologer india on program of vastu shastra at a home and find out how to execute vastu into your house for a nicely balanced and joyful life.

Anyone Will agree to this fact that we, people, spend the majority of their time within a building make it our house, workplace or other things.It is also A simple fact that all things in the world have a level of energy related to them.

Hence It is apt to state that all buildings as well as the land where a building is built contains vibrations of energy related to that.


Some Energies are favorable (with gratifying effects) while some are negative (having horrible consequences ) on us.

Vastu Aims to remove unwanted and improve positive energy present in a location or place to ensure a individual, household or even company occupying a construction become prosperous and progressive.In straightforward terms we could state that, vastu intends to make compatible buildings in locations in song with mother-nature, so the human occupying the construction, lives nicely balanced and joyful life.

Like most Of India’s ancient science and wisdom, vastu shastra also got failed and obtained less focus more than centuries, thus today’s fast paced society has very limited or no comprehension of vastu and find it hard to appreciate and utilize the advantages of vastu whilst purchasing/constructing home, office, store etc..

Vastu Shastra Tips For Your House

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1) Height This has been done to provide the essential power to distance component or to balance the distance component. Astrologically Jupiter controls the distance component (Aakash tava), hence individuals with feeble Jupiter should dwell in the homes with ceiling height of 12 or more feets.

2) Stairs Should be assembled only in South or South west instructions, these would be the best instructions for Stairs.Height of the staircase shouldn’t be greater than half the elevation of the ceiling. This is essential. When the stairs are assembled on the angle greater than that of 45 degrees then it contributes to vastu dosh.

3) Storage of food can be completed in North west management. Hence in a continuous temperatures food things stays fresh for a longer intervals in North west.

4) The Colours of the walls shouldn’t be dark, particularly the colours of the walls of bedrooms. Dark colours give strength to unwanted forces, therefore must be avoided.

5) All Types of machines such as washing machines, machines or geysers etc must be set up in South east management, and this management is under the management of fiery component (Agni tatva)

6) People Generally have large trees in their backyard that are at East or North east direction that’s incorrect, it is possible to only have little plants in these instructions.

7) Center Your home should remain vacant, heavy machines, furniture, stairs or columns at the middle of the home, may be the reason behind health issues for your family .

8) Maintain Your home and area clean.

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9) Number Of windows, opening and doors must remain minimal in South west or west directions, maximum number of windows or doorways or openings must be there at the North, North east west and east directions.

10) Toilets Shouldn’t be adjacent to or facing Toilet or at east or north East instructions.