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Instagram to become the next big thing in Social Media Marketing

The internet is never short of giving birth to new social media forums, there something in the other popping up every now or then. Oldest origins found such as MySpace launched is 2003 to the latest TikTok creating high revenues and downloads in the year 2019. Thanks to these forums Marketing could expand its operations on newfound forums.

There was a time when Businesses were only dependent on Mass Marketing. With the rise of strong social media forums like Facebook, Brands had a chance to take this media up initially as part of their marketing strategy. Here marketing had to be practiced independently. Little was sure if social media would work for marketers hoping to do better for their brand. Luckily as time passed, the significance spread when the growth of social media forums started generating revenues, the value of which led to the unpredictability of how much more revenue can fall in for business shortly.  

Amongst all giants in the Social Media Industry Instagram has outdone it when it comes to being the best. It does not only serve Brands to Market but personal services too.

To get a better idea of why Instagram is better to market your brand better are shared below:

You can create your business profile in no time to display products faster

Early birds in the game of business can easily build a portfolio using Instagram. Along with creating a website by getting help from various sites such as webmization and Jimdo in the market your next step is to create an account on social media. This is to showcase your products and services instantly. Instagram has comparatively lesser complex requirements when creating an ID as compared to Facebook.

Targeting a diverse set of Audience demographically

Instagram unlike other social media targets, not just one but multiple age groups. Multiple demographics are used to increase its number of downloads all over the world. This allows Brands to sell their product without worrying about their Target Market. It works in a way called the “Gorilla Marketing” which ensures marketing to reach in all nooks and corners of the forum.

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Creating “The Hashtag Community” to find your clan

No matter where in the world, your Brand will be easily notified or can notify by a simple #hashtag by its community. This feature of Community building helps immensely create oneness on the forums directly speaking to your Customers. It also helps indirectly connecting to groups with the potential to become your customers in the future. A community within a hashtag can help you evaluate your Consumer’s mindset to build your brand even better.

Influencer marketing helps boost Brands

There are many individuals helping companies grow their brands. It is easier to get a trusted influencer to push your brand for awareness and brand recognition. This also costs much less as compared to the expensive budgets on TVC’s and other Mass Marketing tactics. Not much was previously known about influencers earlier in the days. With the use, social media forums, especially the rise of Instagram, Influencers are a hot topic nowadays. Social media Influencers are known to add value to products they review. This can benefit any product (paid or unpaid review) to build a good say in the Market. This is obviously due to the high rate of engagement present of the influencer profile.

Stories feature a win-win situation for everyone

Stories are highly valued by Brands, these depict the Brand image and culture. Brands can not only post their story but also repost or share stories of their customers too. Keeping in mind that these customer stories which are Brand-specific are reposted. Brands are hence enabled to build their value further by using the same story on their Account. This way both the Customer and the Brand can take away something from it. 

Less cluttered feed help you plan your profile outlay easily

Social media forums are generally cluttered with irrelevant information. Instagram, however, is a place where this is not the case. It only shares data that is worth your time. What you want is what you get is the strategy that seems to work for this medium. Hence it is easy to apply your strategy and reap exactly what you expect from it.

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Social Media boost is worth your money 

Social Media Managers are well aware of which form has the most ROI. Insta leads the competition securing the topmost position after Pinterest and Facebook. Bringing in a higher number of engagements (thanks to its fun features) it is obvious that Instagram is worth investing as a priority.

Engagement is better than any other forum

Instagram can help increase your engagement. A higher number of followers determine your engagement. This is because each activity on Instagram will trigger followers to respond or at least view the posts. Hence if you are looking for your Brand or Service to get the better engagement you can now do so with Instagram.

High level of awareness

Instagram is best known to share the most happening events in town. From Fashion to business, you will never miss anything. This can help you keep a close eye on all then whereabouts, especially Competitor. You may notice brands in similar capacity generally post content like in nature. This is because they both intend to outdo each other as competitors.

“IG TV” beyond the 60-second rule 

IG TV overthrows the perception that only a 60-second video is worth viewing. This is another tactic to reshape the marketing norms of the past. Thanks to Instagram, users can showcase their work and pitch business with longer versions of highly engaging videos worth watching. It is similar to YouTube acting like a channel of your Profile. People can also go back and view your videos, uploaded and saved on the same.

Quiz stickers and Opinions gateway to Consumer insight

You can get an insight into your idea or already existing product by simply posting a question or an opinion with stickers on Instagram story features. These stickers help viewers vote, rate or directly answer your question. You can determine what is on your customer’s minds and what they expect from you and your brand. This way moderations can be made to create a brand that speaks to the Customer in the same language as they to hear.

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No need to download a separate a messenger

An advantage in the Instagram messaging is its built-in messenger, “DM”. This saves the time from directing focus form one application to another. Using just one app to do both; view feed and message is much convenient to use. You can respond to query instantly by swiftly navigating from your feed to the DM section.

Easy to use Interface for Social Media Managers 

It may sound like cliché, but it is true, as soon as the interface opens we can easily make out how seamless it is to use. There are no complications whatsoever to use, navigate, share and communicate. This may be the reason as to why Instagram is preferred to be better over other forums. Visuals especially the profile grid very clear and prominent. This enables you to view exactly what is being posted.


There are multiple reasons as to why Insta is going to become the next big thing soon. On the technical side, it has a better algorithm compared to Facebook. Hence searches are more clearly directed. Algorithms, if used wisely, can better account performance. On the fun side, Instagram is considered to be the most entertaining application. This is because of its constant updating of creative Gifs and Stickers. These help not only creating funny images but also enable customers to get an enjoyable experience.

We cannot deny the fact that Instagram has been an innovation leading to click with the millennials. Removing complexities with a fresh image in the social media industry, it has made our lives much easier to go by on a social media forum. Businesses can make the most out of this medium, as it provides not only better brand awareness but also better engagement.

In a nutshell, it serves both personal and professional needs. It is not hard to predict Instagram to have massive downloads in the near future. This is proof that it will grow further enabling it to become the next big thing in the Social Media Marketing World.

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