Invisible Braces: Their Types and Importance

There has been an increasing need for clear orthodontics because of an increase in the number of people who have concerns about their outward look and smile.

Traditional orthodontics is carried out by using metal braces. These braces are a series of tight-fitting components made to keep the teeth in place. They are connected with wires and rubbers so that the teeth can be kept in place. These braces always come in dark or black colour, and they made the patient’s smile look awkward; hence, people have switched over to the invisible braces.

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Types Of Invisible Braces

Not everyone is advised to go for braces, but when they do, they are always open to various options from which to choose. There are different types of braces, and they all have their peculiar looks and level of productivity. These types are:

·  Ceramic or Plastic Braces: These are the most known type of ceramic braces. They are either coloured to look like the teeth or clear in colour so that, when they are attached to the teeth, they do not stand out. This makes it invisible when the patient smiles, speaks or even laughs. Ceramic or plastic braces are used mostly because they meet the cosmetic needs of many patients.

· Ceramic or Plastic Damon Braces:  The Damon braces are designed with doors and locks attached to the brackets. They are more efficient and productive in treatment, because of the constant movement that is caused by the brackets. These braces were upgraded to the colourless so, patients no longer have to worry about the dark colours anymore.

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· Lingual Braces:  Lingual braces are fixed behind the patient’s teeth, so they cannot be seen when the patient smiles or speaks. These braces have different shapes, unlike the regular braces, but they still have the same principle of operation. The advantage of this set of braces is their positioning, which does not affect the cosmetic concern of patients.

· Invisalign®:  This is a fantastic option since it is the only treatment that is truly invisible. This process does not use brackets and wires, but it is carried out with the use of trays or aligners that are clear in colour. These aligners look invisible when the patients wear them.

The Advantages of the Invisible Braces

· It is a good fit for any age

Older patients feel reluctant to go for braces as they think it is for teenagers and can’t imagine themselves going around with metals in their mouth. With the invisible braces, the older patients can undergo their orthodontic treatment without having to worry that it is a misfit for them.

· It doesn’t tamper with your position in the office

There are some job titles, positions and even professions that metal braces will not be a good fit. Some of these jobs include being a flight attendant, newscaster, front desk personnel, celebrities and others who are always in front of people or cameras. Wearing braces do not give a positive image for this kind of people; this is why the invisible braces are ideal for them.

· Your self –confidence will still be intact

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Many people feel ashamed to take certain routes or go to some places because of their braces. This practice is common with older people and those in respectable positions at their work or society at large. Wearing of metal braces affects their physical appearance and make them feel, they have lost their respect. With the invisible braces, they do not have to worry about this, so they can go anywhere because their braces can hardly be noticed.

· Needless to worry about your self-esteem when you are putting it on

It is difficult to adjust to the changes that come with getting metals stuck to your teeth. Using metal braces creates a feeling that the mouth is full, and your smile looks awful. These braces also tend to change the appearance of the teeth; this is why many people feel ugly when they wear them. With this invisible alternative, you do not have to worry about all of these.

· Reduces Your risks of getting hurt by braces

The use of Invisalign® which does not use brackets reduces the risks that are associated with using the braces. With this form of treatment, you are free from all the worries and concerns you had with metal braces.

Indeed, invisible braces don’t exist because the components are just camouflaged or made to look transparent to diminish their visibility. These adjustments in the making of the so-called invisible braces are made so that patients with significant worry about the regular braces will be able to have something that fits a little into their daily lives.

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To know more about these braces or should you want to try them out, Reach out to an experienced dentist in Croydon to book your appointment! We have experts to answer your questions and attend to your needs accordingly.

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