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Is COVID-19 Outbreak a Right Time To Launch an Online Grocery App Like Instacart?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with each other completely as board meetings are now being held online and user engagement on esports is getting a surge. People are stuck in their homes as a measure to keep a safe distance from others. People are increasingly getting dependent on their smartphones for their essential services in everyday lives. Several companies have reported a sudden increase in the user engagement of the on-demand services sector. As people are forced to stay in due to the lockdown imposed by their respective governments, they face the biggest challenge in arranging food and other essentials for the families. 

Online grocery applications are getting piled up with orders as people are in need of it every day. People prefer these platforms as it offers contactless deliveries. Packages will be delivered to the doorsteps of the customers and the customers will pay for it via online payments. These apps are imposing some restrictions on buying products as some people are piling up their homes with stocks as they fear for the demand in the future.

Benefits of online grocery delivery applications:

People need to get out of their homes and walk around the supermarket to pick up the products. They need to stand in long queues to get their products billed. This will increase the odds of infection as people will stand close to each other. On-demand grocery service apps eliminate the possibility of getting an infection as people need not have to come in close contact with each other. Groceries will be left outside the door by delivery executives to improve the advantages of contactless deliveries. This guarantees the safety of both customers and as well as drivers. 

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Why are grocery delivery apps witnessing a major surge recently

online grocery delivery,

The following are the reason behind the massive surge in user engagement and revenue for the online grocery delivery sector

Safety is the top priority:

As WHO officially announced that COVID-19 spreads via human contact, people are extremely cautious about touching others and maintain a minimum distance of six feet from others. WHO also added that the virus strain can sustain at normal temperatures and has the capability to stay on various surfaces for a varied time period. As customers make online purchases they are naturally worried about the package as it goes through several places at various stages. The employees ensure that the package is well treated and sanitized before delivering it to ensure that the package is virus-free. The items will be well packed so that the sanitizer does not settle on the groceries directly. This increases the reputation of the brand in the market leading to an increase in their revenue. 

Inventory management:

In order to meet the demands of the current market, the providers must make sure that the store’s inventory is updated regularly in the application. Improper integration of databases will affect the reputation of a brand. The customers will lose interest in the platform when the stocks are not updated properly. Developers use advanced technologies in IoT and AI to assist entrepreneurs in managing the stocks and to meet the demands of the modern customer.

Bottom line:

People love the flexibility and convenience of on-demand grocery delivery apps and it has improved the confidence of the customers over e-commerce. If you are planning to get into this business one of the effective ways of delivering groceries is by launching an Instacart clone app. A proper combination of flawless design and grocery services is the golden ticket to be a top player in the market for a long time. 

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