Is Covid Here to Stay?

It has been just over two years since the global pandemic SARS-CoV-2 became a concern and the going thought was that by this point in time it would be something for the history books. Unfortunately, those books are still being written and without an end in sight, they may be in the process for many years to come. With that said, does it mean that Covid is here to stay? Will we ever reach what they are referring to as ‘herd immunity’ and if it is here to stay, what should our response be?

What the Experts Are Saying

The first thing to know is that the experts all seem to be saying that Covid is here to stay and nations around the world should be creating a long-term strategy for keeping this monster in check. It is still killing people around the world and some areas are even seeing a spike in cases great enough to raise global concerns, once again. This is why continued testing to and from international airports is still required at most airports around the world. Here at home, there is Covid testing in Los Angeles at LAX and it may be impossible to board a plane for an international destination without a recent Covid test and/or a Covid passport.

Still a Political Fiasco

One of the saddest aspects of the pandemic is that it caused a polemic divide between political parties and that divide is as strong today as it was a year or more ago. Part of the reason for that is thought to be religious in nature. While most right-wing voters tend to be conservative Christians who believe they are safe because they trust God, the opposite pole is comprised of left-wing liberals who lean toward science. This is not to say that strong conservatives aren’t taking the virus seriously or that liberals don’t lean toward a religious vantage point, but these are not the norm in either party.

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Vaccination Holdouts

There are also those who fear the vaccine because of what they see as a rapid push to get them approved. What many fail to realize is that SARS vaccinations have been in the works for years. Much of the research necessary for formulating SARS-CoV-2 vaccines was based on earlier SARS research. Even knowing that, there are those who fear that the vaccination isn’t safe and are protesting requirement legislation. Unless vaccination rates similar to all the required childhood vaccines are reached, the pandemic will continue to spread easily.

Waning Immunity

Finally, there is a growing body of evidence that indicates that immunity provided by the vaccines and boosters will wane over time. Recently, the government approved a second booster for the general population where previously it was only approved for the most vulnerable. Due to vaccination holdouts and waning immunity, it looks as though Covid just might be here to stay.

Scientists are saying that because it looks as though we may not be rid of covid for years to come, nations must continue mitigation efforts while learning to adapt to an ongoing threat. Is Covid here to stay? It does, indeed, look like that is the case.

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