Technology Making Humanity Less Intelligent

Is Dependency on Technology Making Humanity Less Intelligent

As it has been stated several times, technology and education go hand-in-hand. The world is progressing at great speed by making ample technological advances. These advances are of utmost necessity for the betterment of future generations. They are not only making people’s life hassle-free and simple, but they have also made the world a smaller place to live in. Technology is a very vast concept when referred to several fields of science and study.

Benefits of technology

Be it any field; technology has the strongest foothold. It is an integral part of driving any business forward. Capable of speeding up the communication, it has made the dissemination of information faster, easier and smarter. When we talk about technology advancements in the field of education, they are fast evolving. E-learning is no more an alien concept. Let’s throw some light on the effects of technology in education.

  • Self-paced: With the options of distance learning and online courses/certifications, learners are controlling and managing their own learning at their own pace. It not only motivates them to complete the course but also helps them in improving performance.
  • Personalised learning experience: They set their goals, manage the content of learning and manage the process. As the information is available in leaps and bounds on a digital platform, everyone can access it according to their availability.
  • Immediate response: E-learning has enabled the availability of immediate feedback to all. Similarly, features like chats, discussion boards, e-libraries etc. have allowed clarification on an instant basis, in comparison to traditional classes.
  • Greater Access: Technological advancements have opened the knowledge base to learners with learning disabilities and in remote locations.
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Problems with Technology

Creativity is a mental process that involves the discovery of new ideas and concepts. It also includes innovation in existing ideas and concepts. It is a constant evolution for the betterment of society or community. But without creativity, no ideas are original, and sadly, technology is leaving no room for creativity. Einstein said that technology has the power to overtake humanity. Once we become so dependant on technology, we lose the insight to try anything new.

What Schools Require to Do

Young minds are most creative, and they are eager to explore new things in life. A school is a foundation of realising a child’s potential. It is the encouragement of the faculty and peers that can motivate him/her to excel in anything they choose to do. Thus, overexposure of children to technology will also hamper their intelligence and aptitude.

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