Is impotence a permanent problem or can be treated?

Impotency or erectile dysfunction can happen to the males in adult life. There are several causes behind the erection issue or impotency in males. Some males face the problem later in the age, while other can face very early in adult life.

Whatever is the nature of the impotency or erectile issue, it can be reversed by changing life style, use of drugs and treatment solution, both medical and non medical. The simplest way to overcome any form of impotency is to use the Viagra 200 mg. It gives a hard erection in 60 minutes.  Any level or degree of impotency is cured for the short period through the use of Viagra.

Impotency causes decide whether it is curable or not

Impotency or erectile issue can be treated without costing much if it is causes by factors that can be reversed. There are cases where obesity, cholesterol level, emotional issues and psychological issue are behind the impotency. All these problems are easily treatable, thus impotency caused by these issues will be cured, when these causes are removed.

Then there are some medical issues which also cause the impotency or erectile issues. These are removal of testicles through surgery for some reasons, heart issue, low testosterone issue or deformity in the penis. In other words, any reason behind the erectile issue of impotency that can be treated makes impotency treatable. And any cause which cannot be removed through treatment can cause permanent damage to the erectile ability of a male.

It has been observed by the medical experts that a male with excessive smoking and alcohol consumption habit develops erectile dysfunction. However, when the male stops smoking and alcohol for a considerable period of time, he can regain the erectile capability. Also in case of obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues, any reversal in these conditions improves the erectile issue.

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There are some conditions like some damage to the sexual organ of male, or prostrate surgery, or medical problem with testicles, which cause erectile issues. In these conditions the permanent recovery may not be possible, but there are several therapies to improve the level of erectile deficiency.  

A male with no issue with the sexual organ can take erectile dysfunction drugs such as Cialis 40 mg to get the required erection.  It can work fine if there is no problem with the penis. The user gets a hard erection in the 60 minutes.  Unless there is no wrong with the penis, any male with the erectile issue can reverse the erectile problem for the short period. The short period is the impact period of the drug, which in case of Cialis is around 36 hours.  

Before using any erectile dysfunction drug or therapy, the male should be aware of the cause of the erectile dysfunction. The permanent improvement would come with reverse in unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Those who want to get the permanent cure can also use therapies such as massage therapy, acupuncture therapy and herbs.  The acupuncture unblocks the energy in the body. It relaxes the muscles and promotes the flow of blood. The comprehensive therapies will improve the general health to make erectile possible under the normal sexual stimulation process.

User erectile dysfunction drugs with permanent treatments

The treatment methods to reverse the damage caused to the body will bring permanent relief from impotency. At the same time, to overcome the impotency at the short notice, one can use the erectile dysfunction drugs like Levitra 20 mg. The drugs are the only way to gain confidence for males who develop erectile or impotency due to low sexual confidence.  Gradually with other treatments, it will become easy to overcome the impotency permanently.

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Consultations with the health experts or medical experts will enable the males to pick up the best therapy or drugs. It is important to understand the general health level and degree of impotency. The treatment or drug has to be appropriate. The patients who are on medication for some medical issues need proper guidelines to avoid medical complications. Some medicines react with the drug for erectile dysfunction. The user should have complete knowledge about the therapies and their impact. In most cases, except for serious medical problems, it is possible to reverse the impotence or erectile dysfunction.

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