Is Online Casino in India Trustable? Why?

Online gaming is extremely popular in India and more and more people are registering with portals that offer this facility to them. These portals also include some of the online casinos. Casinos are those that specifically offer casino games and allow the players to win real money while playing the games online. The convenience of playing a multitude of games from your computer or device, that too with the chance of winning real money, sounds too good to be true. Can such casinos be trusted? If you choose the right casino portal, online casino in India is definitely trustable. If you decide to be another registered member of an online casino in India, how will you ensure that you don’t get cheated of your hard-earned money?


There are trustworthy casinos and then there are the not-so-reliable ones. As a player, it is up to you to be vigilant and make the right choices. Do your bit and keep yourself safe. You can start with eliminating the ones that don’t work for you due to certain tangible factors such as geographical boundaries and non-viable currencies. Once these are removed, you can start looking at the games available and check whether they match your expectations. Those that don’t match your expectations can be removed from the list too.

Consider the Money Matters

As the next step, you can remove any portal, which does not support a payment method that you are comfortable with. If their pay-out method does not convince you, it must be eliminated in that situation as well. Another important money matter to consider is the bonuses that they offer to their players. If their terms of bonus make you happy and do not seem to have too many hidden terms, the casino can continue to be on your list, else it should be rejected.

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Analyse the Final Shortlist on Legality

An online casino that is not legitimate and has not been established in accordance with reliable authorities must not be considered by you for membership. Read up all about the authorities that they report too and what kind of legal support you can get in case of a dispute. If you are satisfied, the casino can be considered further. As far as India is concerned, you will not find any casino originating from here as India has not legalised gambling at a central level but has authorised the states to take their decisions. All the casinos originate from foreign soils and hence are open to players.

Trusted by the Players

After elimination of these key factors, you would have a list of online casinos India that you can consider. Now comes the main test – the Trust Test. Read what their members or players have to say about their services and whether they are happy with them. Any casino that has cases of unresolved dispute is not a potential casino for registration as you cannot be convinced that you will not have any trust issues with them. Once you have verified all the casinos based on these factors, you will have a final list that you can consider. This is the list of trusted and practically viable casinos. Now it is your personal choice to choose one and register.

Play Free Games

There are still more factors to be considered. Play a few games available for free and see if you are happy with the user interface. Do you like the graphics? Are you enjoying the games? If there is even a small doubt about this skip to the next one. Select one which gives you the maximum joy in playing. You can then proceed to register.

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Reliable Sources

To find all the information above, you will have to visit each casino individually and carry out the process of elimination. You could require to go back and forth to check on some facts. To save this hassle, you can visit a review site and you can find all the information in one place. The elimination will become easy and you can be assured of the information available there.

Play with Trusted and Reliable Online Casinos 

The casinos that you are left with are certainly trustworthy and you can happily carry out your casino gaming activities here. You can be assured that you will get the best experience in gaming and will enjoy winning and even losing with the chosen portal.

Play Responsibly

If you lose control over your game, the casino is not to blame. Hence, you should play only using the amount that you have set aside for this activity. You must not continue to play when you are tired or under the influence of alcohol as it clogs your senses and does not let you make the right decisions. If you play in such conditions, there are more chances that you could lose.

You must remember that the casinos are also a business and they will try to make money. You may not always lose, but you will certainly not win all the time. Be prepared with the thought when you play.

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