Is Pink Clay Face Mask Deserving the Publicity It Is Getting

From Urban Defence Purifying Pink Clay Mask to Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask, we are big fans of clay face masks. Grey, green and black, there are a variety of colors, but there is a different clay which has gotten are attention, pink clay is all the rage in the beauty world and is starring in numerous masks of the moment.

In the opinion given by a leading beauty salon owner, pink clay masks are a remedy for all things from dullness to blocked pores without the traditional harshness or tight feeling that all other traditional clay masks are prone to leaving.

Pink Clay For Congested Skin

Pink clay intensely sponges dirt and impurities, drawing out toxins and mitigating pollution. Different to most ordinary clays, it’s non-drying and delicate on sensitive skin, it restores the skin’s inherent defense shield and in a split second refines pores. So, that makes it a magnificent ingredient for individuals with oily or congested skin types.

Pink Clay For Body Care

Pink clay works efficiently in combination with anti-inflammatory ingredients like Aloe Vera and truly allows for diminishing redness. Because of its gentle nature, it is beginning to be seen in many more skincare products, not only the common mask environment, like body care to help allow gentle detoxification.

Pink Clay for Very Dry Skin

After only using pink clay mask once, your skin will be found to look and feel smoother and all the more even. Once in seven days is optimal, for your skin type and is recommended that you should follow it up with, hydrating serum or mask for your truly dry skin.

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In natural skincare, Pink Clays are acclaimed for their magical benefits for sensitive skin. Praised for its gentle nature, pink clay is perfectly ideal for a range of skin types owing to its very light texture but profoundly restorative properties. Varying from the green clay and other clay masks, that are known to absorb excess moisture and eliminate oiliness, the pink class of clays doesn’t discard the skin’s natural oils, so is ideal for tight, dry and dehydrated skin which require special treatment, with regards to staying hydrated. Moreover, pink clay heals the skin through providing a boost of natural minerals that allow skin replenishment with the nourishment is needs to function well and preserve moisture.