Is QuickBooks Right for your Small Business Accounting

QuickBooks boast of various features encompassing affordable pricing, plenty of plan options to choose from etc. as some of the major reasons why this is a popular accounting solution. Intuit’s QuickBooks certainly makes the cut for the best accounting software for small business accounting.

Here are some of the prominent features that attract accountants for the task of handling books:

  • Pricing – it might not be the first thing to check when looking for a software or anything to buy in general, but it definitely helps decide or reject a certain selection. QuickBooks Online is a very competitively priced software. It has different service tiers that are designed to accommodate all the needs of various different business types, size, and requirement. You will also have the provision of free trial for about 30-days. It is widely observed that outsourced accounting service provider use QuickBooks widely.
  • Saves time – The automated tasks make it less time-consuming to carry out stressful accounting task for small business accounting. The software can automate various features like bill payment, recurring invoices, payment reminders, and much more. When automation comes into play the tedious tasks are eliminated.
  • Built-in reports – Outsourced accounting service providers are the ones that majorly benefit from the feature. The software offers in-built reports which is inclusive of general ledger, trial balance, as well as about 1099 transaction detail reports that you’ll need definitely when it is tax time. You can make reports in the reports page. You also have the provision to set a specific day and time as well as decide the frequency for your reports, whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
  • Automatic Backup – It is possible using QuickBooks to automatically back up your date, this means you never have to bother about the books and their safety and updating, since all of that is handled automatically.
  • Electronic Invoices – The invoices generated come with different features, you can email them to your customers through the system, or send them an email and track when they accept it, visit it, and much more. It is ideal for small business accounting since you can also use a app for the task of invoice handling. So the hassle is eased and reduced manifolds.
  • Integrations – QuickBooks Online also helps integrates hundreds of third-party applications together which makes it possible to design for email marketing, customer relationship management, payment processing, and much more. Automation has greatly eased the overall use of QuickBooks.
  • Simple Interface – It is very simple to use, opposite to common beliefs it is very simple to use. The interface of the dashboard is also intuitive with a side menu that makes navigation and understanding all the features easy as a piece of cake.
  • The status of financed are available in form of a snapshot, it includes overdue and paid invoices, profit & losses, sales, and other expenses. This offers you an overview of the overall health of your business and also gives you an insight on how connected your system is.
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QuickBooks is a great small business accounting software and can be tried on free for about 30 days during the trial period. Be sure to check all the features and then decide whether or not this is the right choice for you.