Is there any significance between ED and your age?

The main thing that we need to understand what ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is. All things considered, it is only a medical problem that happens to a ton of men. All things considered, if a man is experiencing erectile dysfunction, it will be difficult for him to hold his erection during intimate time.

Well, there are different explanations why a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, and one of the important problems is age. There are a number of researches that show that when it comes to erectile dysfunction, age is a major factor. 

Your sensual organ’s activity will be better if you are young.

Well, it’s quite a common fact that your sexual life would be more satisfying if you are young. An enormous number of research and findings have shown that older men are more likely to develop ED. Besides, the number of old men suffering from ED is higher compared to young men.

The studies also note that sexual functions are classified as very good or good by most young men. On the other hand, just 10 percent of men of the age 80 have shared the same thing in terms of sexual functionality. And among young men, just 12 percent said they were suffering from problems.

Now, let us explore some details that will help us understand the link between age and erectile dysfunction. So, here are the facts that we are discussing. 

  • Nearly 2% of males reported suffering from ED before the age of 40.
  • Well, at least 4 percent of men report that when their age is between 40 and 49, they suffer from erectile dysfunction. 
  • Now, 26 percent of men registered developing ED between the ages of 50 and 59. 
  • Finally, 40 percent of men between the ages of 60 and 69 have confirmed that they are having the problem of erectile dysfunction.
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There is a negligible risk that you will suffer from ED if you are leading a balanced lifestyle, without any chronic illness. If you workout for at least three hours a week, for example, you are 30 percent less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

In addition, there are different behaviors that lead us to grow ED. Our chances of developing ED will decrease if we can get rid of those habits. Thus the some of the habits that we can get rid of are:

  • Excessive TV viewing. 
  • Gaining a lot of fat. To be exact, if someone is obese, relative to other men, he will experience erectile dysfunction faster. So, as soon as possible, you must stop eating fast food. 
  • One of the important factors for the development of obesity is smoking.

There is hope, too, 

Well, we know age is a major factor in the development of obesity. However, since it is curable, you do not have to think about it. Perhaps you think that coping with this problem is very unavoidable. Trust us, however, when we say that it’s curable. And age is just a number when it comes to treatment.

There are different drugs that will help you get rid of these problems. For example, you can opt for a medicine called Penegra 100 mg  if you are suffering from ED. This is going to make you enjoy your Love life. In addition, it can play a major role in your ED care.

Erectile dysfunction therapy 

Now, we are going to discuss ED care. It will assist you to better understand the issue. And it will be easier for you to make the right decision for that reason. Therefore, it’s more about ED care here.

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If you want to diagnose this problem, there are some tests that you have to go through. 

Physical exam– Here, the testicles and penis will be closely examined. They will also, in addition, check the sensitivity of your nerves. 

Blood tests—Perhaps a blood sample would be submitted to the laboratory. They will look at different things, such as diabetes, heart failure, and low levels of testosterone.

Urine tests—This is also an essential test. They would do so to confirm the signs of diabetes and other complications, much like a blood test. 

Ultrasound examination– This will help doctors detect the low flow of your blood. 

Psychological tests– There will also be psychological examinations. Well, you have to realize that one of the main factors behind developing ED is mental illness.


Different oral drugs are available that can help you get rid of ED. However, it is the safest choice for you to get in touch with your doctor if you intend to opt for medication. They’re going to direct you best. So, here is a list of some of the medications that may be prescribed to you by physicians.

The efficacy of nitric oxide is improved by all four drugs we have described above. Today, one of the essential elements that are responsible for calming the muscles of the penis is nitric oxide. And that stimulates the supply of blood. So, you should understand that during the time of lovemaking, it plays a major role in penis erection.

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Ok, one thing you need to keep in mind is that eating these pills alone will not give you an erection. The first thing that you have to do to get an erection is to go for sexual stimulation. It will trigger nitric oxide from your penile nerve, which will come out. These medicines will play a major role in amplifying the signal at that period.

So, these are the things you need to learn about ED and how your age plays a big role in it. We assure you that going through these points will help you understand, more specifically, ED and its relationship with age.

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