Kendall Jenner Wore the Most Excessive Look For A Deli Run And We Love It
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Kendall Jenner Wore the Most Excessive Look For A Deli Run And We Love It

Kendall’s Extra Look felt over-the-board Elegant

New York City’s streets turn into fashion runways as model Kendall Jenner steps out of a small deli store on a not so usual Monday.

 The model’s outfit seemed to be overdressed for a mere visit to a deli store. She was photographed wearing an orange Bec & Bridge dress, paired with a Prada chain bag, walking in her crystal laden Amina Mauddi heels. For a second, it seemed as though the world had stopped to stare for a while, because she looked radiantly stunning. However, it left us all wondering, whether it was normal to visit nook and corner stores in lavish clothing? Because let’s be real animeflavour, barely anyone of us can make it out of pyjamas before noon. 

 Therefore, our speculation led us to a clue that seemed to have answers to all our questions. She was spotted in a glamorous outfit and although some argue glamor is like a second name to Kardashians, her glamor could have been deliberate. She had been holding a can of Orange coloured can have newly launched Vanilla Coke, that almost seemed to camouflage her dress. What’s more to the theory is that after she had her wild encounter with the paparazzi, who left no stone unturned in getting the perfect picture of her, she posted a picture of her on Instagram from the same corner store. In the picture she is found bending over the counter with her Coke can open, but what’s uncanny is that she is looking right up at the surveillance camera with a pose that’s picture perfect.

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Kendall Jenner 2017 #BlackLivesMatter Backlash

 In 2017, the model was blamed for undermining a movement that was led to protect the rights to life of black people under the name “Black Lives Matter”. According to critics, the ad hinted at “White Supremacy” as it displayed young Jenner disseminating the protest by simply handing a can of Pepsi to a rather calm looking officer. Moreover, the majority of viewers have condemned Pepsi’s insensitivity, as it attempted to capitalise on the ad opportunity created by loss of lives of people. The ad, due to the negative backlash it received, was called in exactly twenty-four hours of being released. 

Kendall, however, on her family’s reality-based TV show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians, seemed to be very regretful after the incident. In her defence, she stated she wouldn’t have been a part of this ad, had she known that it would hurt people’s feelings. Also, she was seen crying on the show when talking about the backlash with her elder sister, Kim Kardashian. Also, one her sister named Khloe Kardashian tweeted how seeing Kendal cry wanted to make her cry.

An Instagram Account, Diet Prada, Has Two Jobs

  1. Observe any copied trends/styles/statements in Hollywood.
  2. Pinpoint any unusual behaviour on the part of celebrities and give possible theories behind it.

So, what did this account have to say about Jenner’s recent Deli trip? Well, the account shared a post with Jenner’s picture taken at the counter by a CCTV camera. The caption included suspicions regarding the whole run down to be an ad instead of just another store trip, as the colour of the can of Coke and her dress seemed a not-so-coincidental match. The account also hinted at the possible collaboration between the two to have been trying to avoid the Federal Trade Commission’s recent social media advertisement rules and regulations. 


Federal Trade Commission’s recently updated set of rules and regulations aims to protect consumer rights. It makes it mandatory for both businesses and consumers to share full undisclosed deals up front, whether it has been signed for a written medium or TV or an online platform. In case of an Instagram post the respective celebrity or influence is supposed to give hashtag # ad or # sponsored.

In the light of above-mentioned reasons, Kendall’s trip makes us feel that her little outing a can could most likely have been for an undisclosed ad for Coke. However, we need to state that it could also just be all just talk until Kendall or Coke come forward to claim it. So, until then let’s just allow a girl to enjoy her can of cola on a hot summer day.

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