Kids Party: Throwing a Princess Party? Read These Tips

Almost every little girl has the dream to dress as a princess and walk in a wonderland full of dreamy figures. Most of them go through a princess phase. They may probably be charmed by the designs of castles, horses, ball gowns, and sparkling tiaras or they could have seen a Disney movie that seized their hearts.

If your child dreams for a princess party when their birthday lies around, here are some tips to make their day special and memorable. Take note also that although there may be an excess of princess products on the market, you don’t have to go with a commercial princess theme. You can cut costs and give a personal touch to the party by fabricating decorations and supplies yourself.

1. Pick a Specific Princess’s Theme 

Prior to having a party theme idea and decoration for the venue, you need to classify a princess’s name which will make the decorations easier. Or else, there are high chances that you will produce a mess while trying to recreate heaven of different princesses. The theme should be inspired by your daughter’s favourite princess and try to decorate the theme by keeping it in the mind.

2. Create Royal Invitations 

After you have decided which theme you’ll be doing for the princess-themed party, you can set your preparations with invitations. Setting up an invitation will build up the mood and give a fair idea to all the guests. The invitations can be created with a royal touch as well. You can create invitations by going all pink with words cut up like a letter from the highness’s table.

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You might want to add a dash of golden to make it more majestic. You have so many options to choose from since there are so unique prints and templates available on the web.

3. Give Special Attention to the Cake 

The cake can be anything from being entirely pink to the size and shape of a crown. There is a huge array of cakes you can choose from the market. The cake is the focus of attraction for any birthday. 

For that reason, it needs to have special attention while picking a piece that will add to the theme. Plus, most of the pictures from the party are going to be with the cake. So it would be nice to make sure that it’s beautiful and suits the theme perfectly.

A popular suggestion we can give you is to make a castle-shaped cake using a moulded-cake pan or to build one yourself using cakes made in loaf pans and adding ice cream cones that serve as turrets.

4. Special Menu 

It doesn’t matter what time of day you hold the party, you’ll either need to serve a complete meal or just snacks and dessert. It would be great to transform the menu and give it a princess theme also. Try setting out tiny tea sandwiches and serve pink lemonade or juice in teacups. Also, you can use cooking cutters and cut sandwiches into princess-themed shapes.

If your inspiration is Disney’s princess, Snow White, you may have a basket of fake poisoned apples or a bowl of magic potion like your favourite punch recipe. Or if she’s a Little Mermaid fan, you can prepare fish sticks and other beachy snacks.

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5. Princess-Themed Games and Activities

Although there are not plenty of games that’d suit the theme, you can engage the kids with some activities and fun games that can be hosted in a Princess themed party. One such interesting activity you can have is by hiring popular kid party entertainers since they have the expertise to make your kid’s party entertainment effortless and fun. These professional entertainers would dress up as princesses and would tailor their shows tailored to you and your needs.

With that, you can have a play dress-up activity where the girls can borrow several princess costumes from the make-believe closets of friends’ kids and set up a dressing room where the kids can prepare for the ball. To make it extra fun, you can even rent a bouncy princess castle that has a ball pit, a slide, and a castle.

6. Party Favors

The party would not be complete without the favours the birthday girl could give her friends as they leave the party:

  • Hair accessories (crowns or anything princess related)
  • Plastic tiara 
  • Princess-and-the-pea toy (made from scrap fabric and felt) 
  • Box of treasures (such as shiny rocks you can use as crystals, a bottle of soap bubbles, stickers and plastic rings) 

7. Give Full Attention to the Decorations 

If we are talking about princess party decorations, you need to incorporate the importance of the colour pink. Always put in mind the colour pink. Pink napkins, pink plates, pink balloons, and pink streamers. If your daughter doesn’t really like the colour pink, then you may opt for a regal purple or the birthday child’s favourite colour.

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Furthermore, once you are able to create an outstanding ambience, there is no need to be anxious about how the party fares. The ambience itself will instantly set the mood of the party. As a result, you need to focus your attention to the ambience more than anything else.

Add integral shapes and sizes to decorate the room. You can put hearts, crowns, stars, and unicorns to help create the perfect atmosphere. And don’t forget ideal fairy-tale music to set the mood for the incoming guests. Another element that can entice the mood of the party is the lighting. Get a little extra in lighting up your party halls with plenty of lighting. Castles were always bright and beautiful. So don’t forget that also!

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