Information technology laws in Uganda

Know about Information Technology laws in Uganda

Information Technology (IT) has come a long way and has shown a rapid growth with just one agenda: – “changes are for the better”. And guess what? People can actually “work smarter”. As IT has not only helped people to keep in touch with families by providing one of the quickest means of long distance communication via email, social media and myriad apps but has also helped them to easily manage their transactions through online banking, and even pursue hobbies with specialized software packages. Information Technology laws in Uganda ensures your data to be kept private while you use it. Wondering how? That’s by implementing new and complex ethical, legal issues that result in legislative responses for both the good and the bad uses of information and technology.

But just like “every coin has its two sides,” Information Technology has its dark side too. The massive advancement of Information Technology has taken a toll in terms of privacy and security of data. It has gradually become a threat to privacy by opening up the possibility of negative consequences. To enforce privacy, data protection, validity of online contracts, data integrity and authenticity, Information Technology law is introduced.

The happy-go-lucky nature of the Internet where people publish anything at any time poses a serious security threat for any nation. And Uganda is one of them!

As per the report of the forensic institute in Uganda, in July 2004, Grace Muwanguzi lost a passport and $500 to a fake company while arranging visas, free transport and accommodation in Canada. This happened due to lack of knowledge. Despite having all the evidence, there is an absence of a cybersecurity mindset within most of the private sector agencies. Raising awareness of cybersecurity has now become a necessity. And where do you think would be the best place to have a thorough knowledge of Information Technology laws in Uganda?

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Yes, it’s Cavendish University. This university has introduced policy frameworks to address cybercrimes. They offer a certificate course that would build a strong foundation for technology studies and would help students take sharp and quick judgements.

This certificate program includes two semesters designed to prepare students for entry-level positions. Because of which they can easily have a solid foundation for a career in computing with a background in software applications. They believe in a certain process of educating students about cybercrime.

Objectives of the Information Technology laws in Uganda are:

  1. To provide the students with all the necessary computer applications and basic practical skills and help them grow professionally.
  2. To improve their Computer Literacy, Mathematics, Communications and study skills so that the students would be able to operate computer apparatus and elementary programs without any help.
  3. To help the students gain knowledge and skills in terms of basic computing to help them get a job or progress in the IT world.

While there are other institutions that offer the same course in Uganda, people prefer doing this certificate course from Cavendish University only just because they employ experiential learning methodology which includes thorough theoretical as well as practical knowledge by giving exposure to several cyber industries. Their program structure includes:

For First Year and first semester

  1. Fundamentals of Information Technology
  2. Microsoft Office Application
  3. Basic Mathematics
  4. Basic Communication Skills
  5. Real Life Project

For First Year and second semester

  1. Basic HTML Web Programming
  2. Computer Graphics and Photo Editing
  3. Entrepreneurship Skills
  4. Computational Mathematics
  5. Real Life Project
  6. Industrial Training

For Second Year and first semester

  1. Static Website Development
  2. Electronic Communications and Networks
  3. Computer Ethics
  4.  Real Life Project
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For Second Year and second semester

  1. Introduction to Visual Basic Programming
  2. Basic Computer Maintenance
  3. Basic Kiswahili
  4. Real Life Project
  5. Industrial Training
  6. Bookkeeping

You can also click here to know the Information Technology Course Units in detail. Wondering how these courses would help you?

Learn the following Information Technology laws in Uganda through these program structures

The Electronic Signatures Act, 2010:

This act deals to control the use of electronic signatures and carries out a secure way of transactions by setting up a public key infrastructure. It also recognizes different signatures creating technologies and comes up with an effective administrative structure for certification of authorities.

The Computer Misuse Act, 2011:

It regulates cyber crime and promotes safety and security of electronic transactions and information systems by preventing abusive and misuse of electronic devices like mobile phones and computers. It also secures the electronic transactions in a mode of secured and trusted electronic environment. The cyber laws provide tough penalties to the companies and individuals involved in de-licensing where people are subjected to an imprisonment that may be extended up to 3 years, if charged.

The Electronic Transaction Act, 2011:

This provides a secure use of transactions and regulation of electronic communications while encouraging people to use the e-government services where they can remove existing legal obstacles that can prevent a person from transacting electronically because of the deletion of traditional laws. This act also establishes the rules to validate and recognize contracts formed through electronic means and setting out default for contract formation and electronic contract performance.

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Found the Information Technology courses useful and interesting? Although Cavendish University is in Uganda, but it’s access is everywhere. People from different parts of the world can get admission to this university. Are you excited about getting into the world of advanced technology and acquiring the techie tricks? Then, Click here to register and apply.

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