Weight Loss

Know More About Weight Loss: Tips, Diet And Exercise

No one likes to be overweight, fat or obese. Being fat or obese makes you look odd among people and people may even make fun of you. Moreover, being fat is harmful for our health. Nowadays, our lifestyle factors such as our diet and lack of exercise can be contributing factors of our gaining weight and being obese. Other factors like bad metabolism rate and suffering from stress and anxiety can also be one of the reasons of your overweight and fluffy figure.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of your excess weight then you have to change your food habits and you must make some changes in your lifestyle. This along with regular exercise will help you in your journey of weight loss.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Which Diseases Could Be Caused As A Result Of Weight Gain?

People who are suffering from obesity might fall in trap of certain diseases. Some of the common ones are-

  • Cardiac Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Stones in the gall bladder
  • Various lung diseases

Apart from these, there could be other psychological factors like anxiety, stress and depression which can further contribute to weight gain.

How Much Weight Do We Lose Before It Comes To Our Notice?

You would be relieved to know that you don’t have to reach the ideal weight according to your age. Cutting your weight by only10% can significantly lower your health-related risk. If you want to start your weight loss regime you can take it as your benchmark. Achieving this 10% benchmark would encourage you to lose more weight and get in shape.

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Importance Of Nutrition

Make your calories count. Remember that nutrition is as important as exercise for weight loss. Some people only concentrate on heavy workout totally ignoring the diet but never achieve the desired result. An average grown-up male should consume 2,500 while females should consume 1800 calories per day for getting energy. Most people overshoot this number by 30% or more.

Five Essential Steps To Lose Weight

Step1. Exercise daily

Do some workouts daily. Running and jogging are two basic yet important exercises especially for weight loss. Go to a gym or hire a fitness trainer for better results.

Step2. Change other lifestyle factors

Eat slowly and generally avoid piping hot and too cold food. Get yourself at least 6-7 hours of sleep every day. Avoid eating too late and maintain timings. Also have at least 4-5 meals which include breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. Eat something like fruits or nuts in between meals if you feel hungry.

Step3. Avoid eating outside

Try to avoid eating foods on street-side stalls and even in restaurants. If you have to do so, try to order foods that are simple and not fried. Also, avoid non-vegetarian meals outside as they may contain red meat and egg yolk which you must avoid.

Step4. Eat less

You should make a count of the calories you are having each day and start reducing it gradually. For reducing 1 pound you have to reduce your diet by around 3500 calories extra. Avoid the foods which are high in calorific value.

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Step5. Make a meal plan

This is important because it would give you an idea about what to eat and when. Include more fruits, whole grains, legumes, brown bread and vegetables and completely avoid butter, ghee and cream. If you feel confused you can take help of a dietician. Cook foods by steaming, boiling or baking the food items and avoid frying in oil for weight loss.

It is important to stay in shape and lose weight to avoid diseases. Having a healthy diet and exercising daily are two of the key factors in weight loss along with a few others.

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