Tractor Manufacturers

Know More Details about the Tractor Manufacturers

Tractor word was made by the combination of two terms i.e. Traction and Motors. The word Trac was derived from Traction and the other word tor was taken from the motor. We are living in modern times where we use many advanced machines to do certain tasks and save energy. A tractor is a vital tool for farmers and the backbone for modern day farming. It is mainly used to plow fields or pull heavy loads. Tractors are mainly used for the agricultural purpose and its demand is very high due to its efficiency of doing certain tasks.

Tractors are versatile equipment that can do many tasks in less time. The tractor manufacturers ensures that they deliver the top quality tractors.

Types of Tractors

Tractors come in a wide variety of sizes depending on your requirements. In a broader way, tractors can be divided into five categories which are following-

  • Lawn Tractor
  • Garden Tractor
  • Compact Utility Tractor
  • Subcompact Utility Tractor
  • Earth Moving Tractor

Utility tractor is a general purpose tractor machine used for plowing and driving any other equipment through its drive.

Row Crop Tractor machine is designed in such a way that it matches all the major agricultural requirements like harrowing, plowing, leveling, pulling seed drills, or running different machines like water pumps or threshers by using belt pulley.

Garden Tractor fall in the power range of 1 to 10HP and small in size. They are mainly used for grass cutting or for making flower beds in the garden area.

Orchard type tractor is compact and they are used for to plucking for fruits. The small size of the compact utility tractor makes moving between trucks easy.

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Earth Moving tractors are heavyweight and earth-moving. They are used for doing earth-moving work on dams and various types of constructional works.

What are the major components of tractors?

  • Drawbar
  • Hydraulic Hitch
  • Power Takeoff
  • Diesel Engines
  • Power-steering

Benefits of using Tractors

  • Good ground level clearance
  • Easy power steering and user-friendly
  • Attaching and detaching agricultural attachments is very fast and simple
  • High efficiency than any other vehicle in farms

So, if you are looking for tractors for different purposes or agricultural uses, you can contact to manufacturers of tractors India to get the best deal. Some well-established companies are offering quite good after-sale services as well as high-quality tractor components at the best price.

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