Solar Panels

Know the Types of Wiring Required For Solar Panels

Solar energy is one of the type of inexhaustible energy that is used in domestic and industrial purposes. Extensively used for its suitability, ease and easy convenience, the application of solar energy was limited because of the inaccessibility of quality solar cables and wires. Though, new expansions in the technology of wiring has helped in substituting the usage of old-style rubber cables with well-known quality solar wires, in the power generation procedure. Though, depending on the home, how the panels are supported does matter. It influences the presentation of your method and your selection of inverter.

Application of solar cable

Solar cables is supposed to be used in electrical phenomenon power provide methods and alike applications as free hanging, movable, mounted installation and buried in ground in constructional coated systems. The cables is used interior, outside, in danger outburst parts, in trade and cultivation. They’re appropriate for applications in instrumentation with protecting insulation.

If your solar system performs well, then it’s much better that you are saving and your reoccurrence on investment. Solar cable features are gradually obtaining its well-deserved acceptance. As a consequence a huge demand for these nature friendly features are demanded from solar cable manufacturers. You may also find that many of these features are quite portable and also they come in an extensive variety of appearances and value range. Below are few of the reasons on few of the common questions clients ask about wiring solar panels that could assist anybody to get a good knowing of the advantages and disadvantages of wiring in parallel or in series.

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1. Which wiring is good series or parallel?

In the concept, parallel wiring is a good choice as compress to others for numerous electrical applications as it lets for unceasing process of the boards that are not broken or faulty. However, they are sometimes only good choice for every applications. When planning your solar system, the fixer may plan that series wiring might be suitable for your application. He may even select the hybrid method through series wiring approximately panels and equivalent wiring others. When planning your solar system, an important balance of amperage and voltage requires to be attained so that it can function at its best. Thus mixing parallel circuits combined with the series circuits is advantageous.

2. How do you attach solar panels to the network?

Additional thought parallel wired and among series wired is the quantity of wires that are applied to attach the solar method to the grid. Series wired circuit would make usage of only single wire to attach. Temporarily, a parallel wired method might give numerous wires to attach it into the grid.

3. Will micro-inverters or optimizers modify on the way solar panels are wired?

When micro-inverters and optimizers is used in the arrangement of the solar system it might assist and circumvent inverter-size limits that cords inverters have. Your network could be enlarged one panel by delivering at one time through fixing it to a micro-inverter. It is done by the current string inverters that are pass with flying colors out giving the extra solar panels that are wired in side of the string inverter.

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Solar Wire Types for Solar PV Installations:

There are many wires and conductors that are commonly used in solar PV installations Wire categories differ in electrode insulation and material check below:

  • Aluminum or Copper: They are normal conductor materials applied at the commercial and residential solar installations which are copper and aluminum. Copper has a better conductivity as compared to aluminum, therefore it gives larger amount of current than that of the aluminum having similar size.
  • Solid or Stranded: The cable can be stranded or it can be solid, where stranded wires contain of several tiny wires that lets wire to be bendable and supple. This kind is suggested for greater sizes. The current inclines to move on the exterior of the wire, accordingly stranded wires comes with somewhat good conductivity because of its wire surface.


Solar cables which comes in various sizes and structure schemes are obtainable to meet the competence needs of solar PV methods. The worldwide standard EN 50618 stipulates the functionality requisite of solar cables. It is essential to assess and examine solar cables before when you planning to install the reason being it is to safeguard its anticipated life span is of 25 years.

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