landlord gas safety certificate London
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Landlord Gas Safety Certificate London – Ultimate Guide

Gas safety is something on which people didn’t pay any attention. They forget how serious the consequences of it are. Here, you will learn the importance of gas inspection services for landlords. If they didn’t pay attention to it, they could face serious problems. They may have to pay a heavy fine or have to stay in jail for a while. Sol if you are a landlord and want to stay safe from legal consequences always keep a record of landlord gas safety certificate London.

It is a certificate that landlords get once the expert engineer inspects everything in the property and get you a clean chit that all the gas connections and appliances are safe to use.

What are the obligations of landlords for gas safety?

It is essential that the landlord take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of tenants who are about to live in their property. The safety check also ensures the safety of the property. Otherwise, in case of an accident, a landlord may have to pay thousands for repairs.

The things that need to get checked are:

  • Maintenance of pipes and all the gas connections in a safe environment.
  • The landlord has to make sure that a regular gas inspection covers all the gas appliances present in the home.
  • Always keep the previous record safe, so in case someone tries to blame a landlord falsely they can protect themselves.
  • Always give a copy of the gas safety certificate to the tenants.

It is important that a person landlord hire for gas safety inspection is not a regular plumber. It is necessary the engineer have been specified for this process, have a license and they perform gas safety check task legally. 

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Why keeping a record is important?

When the annual gas safety check process is performed by an engineer, they tell you what are the faults that need repairing soon. Also, you have to guide your tenants don’t use this until you get it to fix for them. Once everything is fixed and safe to use, you place those documents with the file. It is recorded that everything is safe to use and if unfortunately, some incident happens, the landlord is not the one to blame.

landlord gas safety certificate London
landlord gas safety certificate London

What actually is inside the record?

There is a possibility for some it still unclear what exactly in the record is. The things that are in the record are:

  • All the details that experts are going to check along with signature, registration, and name.
  • The address of the landlord house.
  • All the details of appliances, connections, and pipes that are checked. The date is also mentioned there.
  • Details of the faults and about repairing.

When everything is done it is the responsibility of the landlord to provide these details to their tenants. For that landlords get a specific time and that is of 28 days. The record is in three colors. The one copy is for engineer one for the landlord and one for the tenant. It is better if you ask an engineer to handover the copy to the tenant. According to the law in the UK, you have to keep records of at least the past 2 years. If the certificate is expired, still it is better if you provide a copy of it to the landlords and hire experts of safety check Asap.

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Which gas appliances need an inspection?

All the gas appliances that are installed in the property by landlords need an inspection. But the appliances that are installed by tenants didn’t include in the inspection. As a landlord, it is not a duty. But still, if you act responsibly you can ask tenants if they want those appliances to get checked by the same engineer who is checking other appliances.

Because if the appliances brought by the tenants are not safe, it can damage your property and you will have to face loss and pay for the damage.

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