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Learn How Mugshots Can Negatively Impact Your Online Reputation

With the increase of mugshot websites, online reputation repair services are simultaneously growing.

One of the important tools for law enforcement department is mugshot.

But, every year more than 10 million people get arrested in the US.

Not all of them are serious criminals.

Suppose, you’re enjoying your New Year’s Eve with a couple of friends at a bar and accidentally you ran into some unpleasant incident.

The worst part here?

Police will take your picture or mugshot and post it online.

So, without even getting jailed you end up getting negative reviews on the internet.

Since the internet has been one of the powerful tools in recent time, a negative online reputation can break you badly.

There have been incidents where people have been victimized of these mugshot websites.

Taking the internet into their advantages several mugshot websites are growing rapidly and posting people’s photo with their name, age and every detail on their websites.

The impact of mugshot is not only applicable to people who require a good reputation to manage their businesses but also for every ordinary individual.

It’s not easy to remove negative impactonline.

Let’s have a look at how mugshot impacts every individual’s life?

Impacting on Professional Life

Impacting on Professional Life

70 percent of employers use proper screening of their employees before they hire them.

Due to an increased number of fraudulent activities, threats, physical abuse, mental abuses, employer are now more concerned with hiring quality employees rather than quantity.

Guess what! Your quality doesn’t only include your skills but also your online reputation.

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Even if you possess all the necessary skills still you won’t get hired by most of the top employers if you’re founded on any mugshot websites.

Impacting on Business Growth

Not only employees need to get it removed but employers too need toremove negative impact.

These mugshots websites are rapidly growing and even if you remove your pics and details from one, another one will post and the game goes on.

Being an employer or businessman, reputation is the key to direct sales or direct employees.

Since it has been a digital era, the internet holds more power than anything else.

If people are searching for you and mugshots are coming on the top of SERP, you’ll not likely get sales or get employee strength.

Google being one of the widely used search engine holding the largest portion of the market share- covers every detail when you’re posted online by any mugshot websites.

Google reputation repair services are now highly in demand due to the increased number of illegal mugshot websites.

So, you need a proper online reputation repair servicesif you want to maintain your online reputation.

Mugshot Impacting Your Personal Life

Mugshot can seriously impact your life.

Some states seal their juvenile records as to prevent prolonged damage to their citizens.

but if any agency places your mugshot online then it will keep on posting even though you remove it.

every time you google yourself you will see yourself as a criminal. This one thought is very stressful to every individual.

The worst part?

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Even though you were not arrested still ever one will recognize you as a criminal.

This is impacting peoples’ personal lives by leading them into depression stress, anxiety and other chronic illnesses.

The Rapid Growth of Mugshot Group

Even after a number of lawsuits being filled in past years, still mugshot websites are rapidly growing and generating a huge number of traffics.

Mugshot being one of the useful tools for the law enforcement department, a couple of groups use it in a wrong way.

With the increases number of mugshot websites online, you even don’t realize which one is legal and which one is illegal.

These websites are working as a group where one posts your details and you pay them to remove it, the other one instantly posts your details and ask you fees to remove it.

Many of the websites may first refuse to remove it but later they ask for money to remove it.

And the worst part?

You never actually end up completely removing it unless you hire a professional reputation repair onlineservice.


By now you probably have grasped the impact of mugshot in online reputation management.

People from different fields are now feeling the need for Google reputation repairservice to cut off the negative reviews.

People have been requesting this search engine which holds the largest share all over the world to rank these websites down as they don’t provide value.

But since these websites hold both the information of actual criminals and victimized criminals it has been difficult for google to remove them completely by keeping people’s security in mind.

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So, what’s the solution now?

Here’s the secret, you can actually bury these mugshot websites from promoting negative reviews online by promoting good content about yourself.

Online Reputation repair India companies are working on these strategies and have been effective in demoting negative reviews.

The only way out to refrain from mugshot impact is to create positive content and get them on the top of SERP.

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