Life Coach Marketing

Life Coaching Enables You To Build A Successful Marketing Strategy

If you’ve decided to become a life coach: this means, you’ll have the responsibility of advising people on their own lives.  If you’re great with advice and a fantastic influencer on people’s lives, then you’ve chosen the right path! Your next step is to figure out exactly how you want to market yourself, and just as important – with which tools.  If you’re just beginning, you need to get the basics of your marketing strategy lined up and ready to deploy. In your first phase of business as a life coach, you need to begin learning what it means to be both an entrepreneur and a marketing strategist.

The Hourglass Approach

Many believe in the Marketing Hourglass approach when it comes to Life Coach Marketing.  The Hourglass approach outlines that prior to your clients reaching out, you need to do the following things:

  1. Know that you exist as a marketable and valuable part of the industry.
  2. Like whom you are and what you stand for as life coach.
  3. Trust that you are credible and can deliver guidance to your clients in such a way that it will improve their lives.
  4. Try out your skills in a low risk situation as a test run to prove your own worth.
  5. Give your customers an easy path to contract your service.

Launching a Marketing Campaign – Check List

Know Your Audience

Your role as a practice owner involves defining your target audience and clientele.  Are they primarily men, women? Is there a certain age group or social niche you wish to engage? Basically, get specific about to whom you are trying to market your practice. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to strategically set up your marketing campaign in the right areas, so that it is seen by both the right people in the right areas and those who need your help.

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Get Personal

To stand out as a business coaches for entrepreneurs establish a unique brand voice, a motivating factor, and a practice philosophy that you can advertise to your clients. Having a philosophy and an identity in the market will allow you to reach people who have similar values.

Define Your Tools and Budget

Identify the tools you need to market your business, and make sure to take note of key metrics that will measure their success.  Set a timeframe and strategy for the campaign, as well as an overarching goal per campaign (ex: metrics for Facebook campaign, Instagram campaign, etc).

Have an Engaging Social Media Presence

Identify what social media platform your target clientele live on and target those areas. For example:  having a great Instagram might be enough for you or conversely you may need Instagram and YouTube. The right content marketing can do wonders for your business.