List of 5 Best Yoga Apps for Apple Users in United Arab Emirates

Yoga is the oldest form of physical exercise that helps in harmonizing your body, spirit, and mind. There are different asanas to focus on different ailments and body development. While doing yoga asanas, all you need is a yoga mat. This kind of exercise helps in increasing your flexibility and facilitates losing weight.

Considering the hectic lifestyle that most people lead, it is not easy to go to yoga classes regularly. However, there are various apps that can help you easily do yoga at home as per your free time. If you have been looking for a good yoga app in UAE, here are your top choices.

Top Stretching

This online fitness app is the best option to choose for your daily yoga routine. Renowned yoga trainers from across the world guide you through every step of your yoga practice. Top Stretching provides a unique experience to fitness enthusiasts. It has a lot of in-app features to keep track of your progress and to schedule your daily yoga routine, nutrition and healthy lifestyle accordingly.

The best thing about this app is ‘sharing’. You can share your account with 6 people. So, now your family can also use this app to be fit and healthy. Download this exercise app today for an amazing yoga fitness program that can help you lose weight and stay fit.


Glo is one of the highest reviewed and starred fitness apps for yoga on iOS. It was formerly known as YogaGlo. There’s a free version and a premium version. For the premium version, they charge a minimal amount of 22.99 dollars per month. You get the option to easily customize your workout. There are various videos about yoga and meditation uploaded on the app by top Yogis. You can also select the level, the style and the area you want to focus on in the app. Glo is extremely user-friendly and guides you in the best way.

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5-Minute Yoga

5-Minute Yoga is a popular app in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. It trains you in various yoga asanas as well as meditation practices. This app is compatible with iOS as well as android. There are various sessions created at a different time for different types of yoga. There are some long videos for higher level practice and some basic videos for stretching, cardio etc. This app guides you like a personal trainer. The videos are properly described and have attractive visuals. It is free for most of its features but also has a monthly and annual subscription. You can cancel the membership anytime you want.

Peloton Digital

Peleton Digital has got a thumbs up by many users. It has a lot of uploaded videos for yoga practice and also conducts live weekly classes by instructors. For buying the premium membership, you need to pay a minimal amount of 12.99 dollars per month and you can cancel it anytime. There is a variety of on-demand videos for users.

Down Dog

Down Dog is a wonderful app for people who involve in yoga practice regularly as they have a storehouse of videos. There are innumerable videos available and seven different instructors. The chances of repetition are very less and hence you can get access to a variety of videos. The app is very useful for beginners as well as advanced yoga enthusiasts. Down Dog has a special feature for tracking your posture and movements and asks you to correct it as per the requirement. The app charges 7.99 dollars for a month and can be canceled at any time.

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The above-listed yoga apps can be your best choice if you are looking forward to starting yoga practice from the comforts of your home. Check out these and finalize one that meets your needs.

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