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List of most exotic flowers from around the world

“To me, flowers are happiness.”

– Stefano Gabbana

Is there anyone out there who feels the same? Sure many of you might agree because flowers are known to bring joy and happiness with them. They instantly brighten up the mood as well as the place they are kept. Not to forget the fragrance, it automatically makes us feel better with just one sniff. 

Have you ever heard someone claim that a particular flower was ugly? No, right? Because each flower is beautiful and unique in its own way. And you know what makes flowers even more special? Its when they are exotic. It’s no surprise that some flowers outrank the others in terms of features, and that’s what makes them exotic.

Here is a list of the most exotic flowers from around the world that you should know. So whenever you are planning to order flowers online in Uk, at least you can choose exotic ones.


Ah! Lilacs. They are so beautiful that they surely deserve to be at the top of the list. This gorgeous flower is originally a native of Asia and Europe. It was brought to America by europian colonists, and now you can spot lilacs growing vigorously all over North America. Not only the flower is beautiful to look at, but the fragrance of this flower is popular for possessing aromatherapy qualities. The calming aroma has stress and anxiety-relieving properties. They are most gifted to fresh graduated, so if you know anyone who is about to be a graduate, then it’s time to get some flowers delivered. 

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Blue Rose

You know blue rose was just an artificial thing that was made by absorbing white rose into the blue dye. According to science, there was some gene that stopped rose from getting the blue pigment. But how could Japenese not get into the root cause of anything? So, in 2004, a team of Japanese scientists discovered that particular gene and were able to switch it off, and stuffed pansy and iris gene into rose DNA. That’s how one of the most exotic flowers in the world was born. I wish I could get a blue rose flower online in Uk just like any other flower.


When we are talking about exotic, how can we miss on the orchids? Orchids have become synonyms with the term exotic since they carry a royal and elegant vibe. The name orchid is originally derived from the Greek word ‘orchis’ but the irony is that the Chinese were the first ones who started the cultivation of this beautiful flower. Yes, they did that for approximately 3000 years, and then after the 1600s, the discoverers brought flowers to Europe. And by the 19th century, the hybrid of this flower was formed. Orchids are extensively used in flower arrangements and cosmetics, perfumes, medicines, and food. This explains why orchids are this expensive. Now that tempts me to get orchid flower delivery in Uk at my doorstep.

Ecuadorian roses

Since roses are so beautiful, they surely deserve a chance to be on the list for the second time. You must have guessed it from the name, Ecuadorian roses are native to Ecuador. There are so many species of a rose but consider this variety that grows in Ecuador is considered the best one around the globe. They are big in size, and that’s what makes them appealing to eyes. Also, they even smell stronger and last longer than other varieties of roses.
These were some of the exotic flowers around the world. So, next time you are planning to send flowers to Uk, you know which ones to choose.

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