Which Online Business Can I Start With Lowest Investment in the US?

Starting a business might sound like a task beyond means for most people. Since unlike a regular job, business comes with an inevitable risk factor. One has to invest a substantial capital, they have to assemble a quality team, work hard and hope that business would succeed. However, the digital age has opened great new avenues of opportunity. The Internet can help you whether you are searching for a do my online class service, a product to buy or looking for new business opportunities.

Our lives have been totally revolutionized due to this digital revolution. Digital age has brought tons of options in all aspects of living. Today, we can afford to stay in our homes without having to worry about anything. Whether we need food, clothes or whatever, we can order it online. Online systems have changed everything from education, healthcare, communication to everything in between. So much so, that people are looking for ways to make a living from the comfort of their homes.

Opting for online business options totally makes sense. There are countless online business options available. One of the factors that keep many of us from starting our own business is investment. This is an understandable deal breaker since not everyone can afford to generate capital for initial investment. We carried out extensive research to curate a list of ten online businesses that require lowest investment.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing had to be the first low investment online business idea in our list. There are countless affiliate marketers functioning on the internet today since this method is quite an effective way of earning a living. So, what is affiliate marketing? It is the marketing system where you are rewarded by a brand when you help them in making sales. An affiliate marketer directs people to its client brands and in return for the efforts, they are paid by the brand. The cost of starting affiliate marketing business depends upon the scale you are envisioning, therefore it’s quite flexible.  

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Blogging is one of the oldest ways of online money making, and it is one of the most effective ones. As a blogger, your options of making a living are simply endless. You can create a personal blog and take the longer but meaningful route. You can start creating paid blogs that work as advertisements for a brand’s products. With the surging growth of blogging brands like WordPress, Tumblr and Medium, the future of blogging is only going to be trendier. More and more people are going to enter the blogging business in the coming years.

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YouTube Videos

You must be quite aware of this option. YouTube is so popular across the globe that there is hardly any need to emphasize its success. The word YouTube has entered our pop culture dictionary, and is among the most recognizable brand names like Google, and Coca Cola. It is the largest video hosting platform in the world. A YouTube channel can be started with very little investment. You can literally shoot a video on your phone with no lighting or audio equipment and upload it on the YouTube channel. As long as your video grabs the audience’s attention and passes the community guidelines, you will get paid.

Sell Your Art/Craft

If you have some hand crafting skill then you can surely start an online business with it. There are numerous online businesses where people are selling their handcrafted products. Jewelries, pots, toys, key chains, t-shirts, paintings, poetry and any other handcrafted product can be sold at great price online. The Internet provides the best platform for art and craft creators. There was a time when this was not possible at all since there were hardly any decent avenues available for people to exhibit their work. Selling your art online is a great way to mix business with creativity.

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Counseling Service

Are you a persuasive talker? Then you can surely consider the career in being a counselor. However being articulate is not the only requirement for this career. You should have some form of qualification for a field. You will find different types of counseling services that include education, mental health, rehabilitation, business, career, substance abuse and various other kinds. Starting a counseling business is generally low cost since one has to invest primarily into marketing.

Social Media Influencer

Social media is such a powerful force in our world today that it is even used to influence our political opinions. Everyone spends a great amount of time surfing through his or her social media timelines. Nobody is aware that they are being subconsciously being directed towards what to buy and what not to buy. Some of the most prominent celebrities are using their social media platform for advertisements. This is a great business option since it requires low investment and you can put your already existing social media addiction to productive use.

E-Book Writing

E-book writing is surely not a business for everyone. However, if you are passionate about writing then you should surely consider it. There is a great market for E-books online. You can either perform ghostwriting services on client’s e-book order or publish your own work on ebook platforms like kindle. Apart from being interested in writing, you should develop good grasp over the craft of storytelling that comes with practice. This is a great online business for writers that requires little to no investment and good creative stimulation.

Become a Freelancer

Nowadays, there has been a great surge in the popularity of various freelancing services. Some of the most famous platforms include Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Simply Hired and Toptal. Becoming a freelancer is a good idea because it offers a wide range of options. You can literally sell thousands of different kinds of services on this platform. Whether you are a designer, writer, painter, marketer, influencer, editor or whatever, you can find clients on these freelancing platforms. Freelancing is not investment taxing however, it can take time to develop your reputation as a freelancer.

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Digital Courses

People have made the internet their source for everything nowadays. When it comes to learning, the case is no different as we are using online platforms to learn all kinds of skills. If there is a skill or information that you can offer the world then you can sell it online. How? By creating a digital course! Let us assume that you have worked as a copywriter for some years and you happen to have a good skill set for this job. You can create an online course on copywriting and sell it to the public!

App Development

App development is a viable career option that in most cases requires low investment. If you have a software development background then you can create your own app and sell it online. However, this process can take some time and you will require a bankable idea for the app. In this case, you can collaborate with other app developers and individuals from business backgrounds. Are you looking for Do My Class help service online? Many trustworthy academic platforms are available online and they can help you out.

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