Luxury Vacation In Croatia

Croatia is a country on the western edge of the Balkans that has thousands of islands with emerald waters. A country with fairy-tale castle towns and medieval cobbled streets. With lakes and waterfalls hiding behind spectacular mountains. With lively cities that look like historical puzzles

It is time to discover Croatia’s beautiful jigsaw puzzle? Here are five of the best reasons for your first acquaintance with Croatia. Five great stops on the Dalmatian coast and inland that will make you love this little corner of the world.


One of Europe’s most beautiful castle towns, with walls so impressive and streets so authentic medieval Balkan, Ottoman, and Austrian monuments fill the compact historic city, with its historical secrets, and bohemian air.

Inside the walls of the medieval city, in front of the Pile Gate, lies the main Stradum pedestrian street, which branches into dozens of narrow lanes, where the fountain of Onoufrios, the Monastery of the Franciscans, the Catholics of Rome, the Roman Scythians, the Roman Scythians, lie.

You will enjoy the best view from the circular route within the old walls, an elevated perimeter overlooking Dubrovnik’s tiled roofs and turquoise shores with luxury yacht charter in Croatia and it’s beautiful cruise ships.


Croatia’s ultimate city break, a trip to Zagreb, will introduce you to the beauties and history of the country’s capital, a city that combines the pulse of a modern metropolis with the picturesque charm.

The walks start from Ban Jelasic’s main square and continue to Upper Zagreb, the thousand-year-old town with medieval cathedrals, towers, and open-air markets. You should not miss Croatia’s largest art collection at the Mimara Museum. Here you will find more contemporary art.

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Lake Plitvice National Park.

After a cosmopolitan ride on the Adriatic and the city break in the capital, it’s time to discover the nature of the inland. Between the capital and the Dalmatian coast, a wonder of nature unfolds, a nature park full of lakes, even 16 of them uniting, creating a spectacular aquatic complex in the forest.

The route of the 16 lakes branches at different levels, with natural dams, waterfalls, and wonderful color variations – from turquoise to deep blue and from green to gray. The most beautiful parts of the National Park have landscaped trails with wooden shutters, and boating can be enjoyed.


Split is the largest city in Dalmatia, with a rich historical center. Here visitors will see the Emperor Diocletian’s Palace and the Archaeological Museum, with antiquities from the Roman period of the city, while enjoying the renowned Riva (waterfront) lot good food with views.

The medieval town, like Dubrovnik, Trogir, Sibenik, is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


If Split’s is enough to keep you there for more than a weekend, the incredible island beauty of Hvar will make it a little easier for you to give it up. From the port of Split, ferries depart for the complex of Croatian hip islands, of which Hvar stands out for its intoxicating scenery.

A beautiful city with a tiled sea within the walls of the 13th century is the heart of the island, where you’ll walk in marble porches, in the shadows of Gothic palaces, cathedrals, and fortresses.

Outside the walls, whole lavender meadows are blooming, making the island mossy, while the vineyards reach the shores with beautiful beaches.

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In conclusion,

At first glance, for those who haven’t had the chance to visit Croatia yet, you are likely to fall in love with the place because it has a lot of spectacular places worth visiting.

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