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One-piece presentation boxes

The most common boxes that are widely consumed all over the world are the one-piece boxes that are extremely affordable almost by every brand and shipping agency. These boxes come with a flapping cover that tucks inside the bottom trays. These are usually the square and rectangular-shaped boxes. These boxes are known for their sturdy and long-lasting nature. These boxes help you in presenting your products in a way that you keep these boxes opened while showcased between the other products at the market shelves. Widely consumed for the packaging of wristwatches, pieces of jewelry, chocolates and other small products that need to be displayed. You can cover the outer layer of these boxes with leather, velvet, and other clothing material to make them look unique and distinctive. cut a window at the top flap of these boxes and cover the area with PVC film coating along with gloss or matte lamination to make these boxes meet the criteria of beautiful boxes that help you in increasing your brand awareness and interaction with the consumers. Make as many alterations as you want to make these boxes outstand the crowd. Use the bottom flap for inserting information about your brand name, contact and postal information so that your regular consumers can reach out to you.

Presentation box concept

Two-piece presentation boxes

To bring your product into the limelight of the market shelves, try encasing them in two-piece boxes that come with separate top flaps. These boxes are consumed for their higher protective nature and appealing presentation that helps your product in gaining the attention of a large number of audience in the shortest duration of time. You can customize your two-piece cardboard, Kraft Board or other boxes in a very unique and interesting way that their outlook gets totally changes and the attention of the consumer is automatically drawn towards your product. You can get your boxes printed in your desired printing technology. Your customized display boxes will make it easier for the consumers to find the product they are looking for without wasting their time. You are suggested to make these laminated in spot UV effect that gives your boxes a both, glowing and dull effects but if you are looking for both effects separately you can apply gloss or matte laminations respectively. It will be extremely appealing if you get your boxes foiled in different shades, such as copper, silver, and gold to give your boxes a royal look. Make your boxes stand out the crowd by wrapping them in unique and alluring wrapper papers that would be extremely helpful in drawing consumer’s attention towards your customized products and make it harder for your competitors to beat.

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Presentation package

Cosmetic presentation boxes

Cosmetic products are utilized by the majority of consumers from all over the world without any gender discrimination. Skincare or cosmetic products are one of the basic necessities of today’s life and these products are not consumed for makeovers only but also to take care of the skin and protect it from sunlight, dust, and air pollutants. In the wide fashion industry, we need some professional skills when it comes to make presentation boxes for cosmetic products. These boxes are specially designed according to the distinctive shapes, sizes, and designs of the cosmetic items. Additional inserts are inserted inside the boxes that may be a small thank you note, a discount voucher for the next purchase or any tip for utilizing the product in such a way that increases its effectiveness and gives better results. When designing the box for shining industry, why not give your boxes a shining finishing that gives a smooth and soothing sensation when touched. It will be more feasible if you print the name of your brand at the front or top flap of your customized boxes. This concise but important information will help your consumer to remember you when they will be looking for your products in the future. You can also make the best use of these boxes by reutilizing them for storing your jewelry, tiny stationary objects

Custom presentation boxes

Electronic devices presentation boxes

when it comes to presenting the electronic devices such as PSP’s, Laser keyboards, wireless mouse, power banks and other electronic devices, presentation becomes the only reason why they are selected by the consumers without a second thought. Electronic devices are tested once after they are bought by the buyer but the thing that influences the consumers to make a purchase is the presentation of electronic devices. A window cut out is a must for the packaging of such devices because the consumer is automatically attracted to the product that is beautifully encased but visible for the buyers to have a look at. It will look good to design these boxes in sparkling themes and follow the design with an extremely beautiful yet attractive shining surface by applying gloss lamination. These boxes have to be very strong that they bear any destruction that could possibly happen during shipping or transferring goods from one place to another.

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