Custom Signs

Material basics for designing the signage

When we are talking about the designing of signage for business, then it involves a huge number of factors that are important to be considered. Some of the vital factors are font, size, shape, material, color combination and so on. Among all these factors, the material is one of the significant factors that are needed to consider very carefully as it ensures the longevity of the Custom Signs. SO, here we will discuss different kind of material that is used by signing companies for the manufacturing of the different signage and banners. According to the requirements of the business, you can opt for the one as listed below:

Carved Wood: The wood is stronger and lasts for a long time, as it comprises of elements of plywood. It facilitates the base to be firm and smooth. Wither cannot be easy with the MDO under any prevalent conditions related to weather. This type of material is mostly used in Sign Panels, Site signs, highway, Billboards and traffic signs.

Aluminum: Aluminum is available in a variety of sizes as well as colors, which are straightforward to use. It is regarded as one of the most popular materials for outdoor signage as it does not have rust and the lettering will be done legibly. It is popularly used for No Parking signs and Real estate Signs.

Aluminates: It is the best Signage material as it is thick, strong and it is not easy to corrodible this material. The warranty is given on this material that it does not chip, peel, flake or crack. It is also used as a base for any type of sign. Moreover, It is used in various locations such as Wall or fence mount, cut-outs, channel letters, billboards, digital printing, and laser.

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Acrylic: It is made up of monomer of Methyl Methacrylate and has terrific strength for tensile. It is also known as Plexiglas which has a glossy finish and helps to make the Acrylic Signs classic look. It has amazing flexibility and can take a considerable amount of stress. It makes the customization of signs easy. The maintenance of Acrylic is easy and the additional strain is not needed at all. The signs made up of this material are preferred for indoor rather than outdoor. Retail shops, office interior, and Trade Shows are the basic examples where this material is to be used.

Banners: Usually, it comes as Nylon toughened Vinyl Material. On banners, the graphics are printed only on one side. A larger sized and text fonts are required for a firm as well as greater reach. The common applications of banner include Retail Advertisement, sales and promotion, trade shows and Brand Exhibitions.

Coroplast and Corrugated Plastic: It is light in weight and very cost-effective material for signage, which is made up of corrugated plastic. By bridging two layers, the stronger sheet of plastic is created under which one layer is wavy and the other is flat. It is easily customizable and used temporarily for outdoor use. A few examples are Logo Display, Special Events, Directional signage, and Trade Shows.

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