A Top-Class Medical Billing Business Opportunity

Almost 5 patients are lost due to leakage in operations, and the larger a practice, the larger are the chance of losses! The entire healthcare industry is inclining towards a value-based model of reimbursement with providers looking for viable solutions in front/ back end RCM needs.

Everyone is alarmed by the considerable spate of denials and fluctuations across the revenue cycle in healthcare. According to Grand View Research, the outsourcing market for medical billing is estimated to reach $16 billion by 2024!

Owning a medical billing business can be an excellent move for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. However, working with the right company that can offer lucrative growth possibilities will be critical. The ability of a company to work as a desired operational extension for its clients, extend the admirable licenses support in marketing and presales is essential.

GoTelecare: Your road to a successful Medical Billing Business

GoTelecare has made a strong presence in the RCM world by working as a quality extension for some of the best in the business. As a next-gen healthcare services company, we have been clinical in eliminating proven pain points in RCM challenges for some of the best across the industry.

  • Our superior on-the-job training, the presales plan, makes it easier for you to hunt & farm the exciting possibilities available for a complete revenue cycle management experience.
  • Rising operational expenses, cumulative wait times, and front office challenges cripple provider’s opportunities to extend value-based care!
  • The potential of the medical billing business is undoubtedly a promising one, and only with a company that has the experience to offer such services with quality & trust!
  • Gotelecare can provide you with over 100s of references from leading healthcare clients for supporting new acquisitions. There are no binding contracts and support for errors of omission & commission from Hiscox/ Geico Insurance.
  • Currently, our licensees are earning over $40,000 a month. There are no charges in installation, training, set up expenses as well as we give you all with presales and marketing support. With a one- time sign up amount, you will be entitled to exceptional growth opportunities. 
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Leverage the immense potential as we offer you a comprehensive business partnership that will help you earn a consistent income.

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