Mistakes in Resume Writing

Don’t Commit These Mistakes in Resume Writing

One of the quickest ways to be rejected by a potential employer is sharing a badly written resume.

If you think silly mistakes don’t matter, then you are wrong.

Making mistakes on a resume is not uncommon. Although some HR managers will ignore small mistakes, many can get terribly offended by incorrect resume presentation, and may even judge your interest in the job based on it.

A resume is your job profile and is the only way human resource managers evaluate you as a prospective candidate. So many things can wrong your resume instantly – typo, bad structure or format, grammar errors, irrelevant skills, or a resume that doesn’t match the job application.

Forget hiring managers, even talent management software wouldn’t screen your resume if it’s not done correctly.

So, to save your job and your face, we have compiled here top 9 mistakes in resume writing that most candidates make. Keep these in mind especially if your resume is not strong enough or you are a beginner.

Spelling and Grammar Errors

Google and MS Word autocorrect has spoilt us. And despite having them by your side, if you still make typos and grammar errors then you sure hadn’t been focusing on your resume building. Use Grammarly software to check for typos and grammar mistakes. Reading your resume loud can also help you identify errors.

No Summary of Your Work

Lack of specifics, especially in the Work Experience section, can be off-putting. Hiring managers want to learn more about your accomplishments. Lack of properly translating your experience on the paper can get you screened out.

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  1. I worked as a freelance content writer (Bad writing).
  2. I have experience in different styles of writing as a freelancer, including health, digital marketing etc, which has helped companies achieve required organic traffic (good writing).

Outdated and Unmatched Resume

Your resume should have keywords that are mentioned in the job application or listing. If you don’t include those keywords it won’t appear in the search. Also, make sure you regularly update your resume with the latest work and skill information to appeal to targeted hiring managers. Most job portals do not screen resumes that are older than 6 months.

One Size Fits All

Do not. We repeat, do not create a one-size-fits-all resume and send it to all your employers. Every company requires different skill sets and expertise. So, you must modify your resume according to the listed job description of the company to impress the recruiter. You have to clearly show why you fit the position. So, instead of a vague, superficial resume, personalize your it for each employer.

Including Clustered Information

Managers receive hundreds of applications each day. What they mostly do is skip and skim resumes and read-only important and highlighted points. This means you don’t have to tell everything about your job, but list the important accomplishments and leave the rest. Unlike bio-data, your resume should not exceed two pages.

Providing Very Less Detail

While too many details can spoil the broth, too less detail can leave people unsatisfied. Therefore instead of listing job duties, such as:

  • Worked with elders at an old age home.

Write your accomplishments in statements, such as:

  • Developed motor-skills enhancement activities for elderly people suffering from dementia and prepared weekly itineraries for the elderly entertainment program.

No Summary Statement

A summary statement is a shorter version of your entire resume provided at the beginning of your resume, just below your contact details. It explains your entire job journey in a few lines. As we said earlier, recruiters hardly find time to read the entire content. They just skim and skip. But, if the summary statement is strong, apt, and appealing, you will be screened into the next stage quickly.

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Phrases instead of Action Verbs

Phrases such as, provided for, offered with, and entitled for are supposed to be avoided. They seem like web content rather than accomplishments. So, try including action verbs, such as ‘I helped resolve the xxx problem’ or ‘I contributed my xxx skills in resolving the ABC issue’.

Wrong Contact Information

Even if your resume is extremely strong, if your contact number is incorrect, you will not receive any callbacks from potential employers. Provide alternative contact information, such as mailing address, home number, and email id for surety.

Try to avoid the above mistakes by reading and rereading your resume and doing necessary edits. You can also use online tools, such as Grammarly and Editor for content editing and proof-reading.

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