Mobile apps are more useful than websites: read why

In 2020, where everything is moving towards the betterment and the opportunities are never ending. It is high time that the businesses and people, who are still struggling to make their position stable in the market, should start thinking about the endless options they have to go forth and make their mark. With the unlimited technology, there are so many options that the people can and are availing to make their business grow.

If you are a business and still working with a website that hardly gets any traffic and has limited features, you should start thinking about a well design and developed app. There are a thousand ways available to create an app online or get it created through some development company or freelance designer.  

If you want better growth and constantly growing number of customers, an app will be the best choice for that. Businesses worldwide have a constant belief in change. They prefer upgrading or changing their platforms time to time, depending on which platform is helping them grow better and faster.

Currently according to most of the research reports, it has been seen that this is the era of applications as they come with great ease convenience and a lot of features to simplify the everyday tasks or the complex equation of the industries.

The list of things, that you can possibly do with the help of a particular app are infinite, and the experts are still working to take it further with more advancements.

Moreover, while considering businesses, it is important to consider the customers, as they are the reason you actually have a running business. A person or business should chose the platform that the customers prefer to use. They must know what their customers prefer and try to cater to their needs to get most of the response from them. This move will ultimately make you the customer’s favorite.

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However, if you are still confused, whether you should create an app or not, you should go through these benefits that an app can get for your customers and the business:

  1. Applications are faster than the websites

Apps tend to work smooth and faster than the websites. They are especially designed to make the tasks easier for people, with everything just a tap away. According to the experts of app development, apps work 1.5 times faster than the websites. Moreover, the functions it comprises also work faster when compared to the functions of a website.

  • Instant access both online and offline

Applications are easy to access and allow the users to access them both online and offline. Some of the functions of an app require active Wi-Fi connection to work and some of them work without the internet. However, there are a plenty of applications, which completely work offline and require connections only when they need any updates.

  • Applications offer personalized content

Content plays a very important role in the conveyance of a message. Applications provide a more personalized user experience to the customers with the options to choose. They provide different options that users can switch according to their needs like: the language, region, location or things that a person prefers.

  • Applications keep you updated through instant updates and push notifications

Applications are very active and they can keep you updated at all times. Applications are features with an option that sends you notifications every time something new happens or when things need your attention. These notifications are also called push notifications and customers love this feature as nobody wants to open the app or website repeatedly, to know what is new or what is urgent, with this option customers feel very valued, that they receive every update instantly.

  • Applications can collaboratively work with your device
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Websites do not get any advantage of your device’s features, whereas the applications are much more intelligently created, and can take full advantage of the device’s features as well. Applications have an ability to take over the features of your mobile phone, to understand this you can take the example of the WhatsApp. When used in you mobile phone, it can use the microphone and camera for audio and video calls. However, when used on the desktop it does not allow you to make calls. This is a very major difference, which can change the way you access the service of a business completely.


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