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The 5 Most Expensive Properties in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Entrepreneurs and investors are always looking for luxury property for sale in Dubai. The new infrastructures, the artificial islands, the skyscrapers and the high fashion shops show how the economy of the city is in continuous ferment. It is a place that continuously attracts foreign investors thanks to the thriving real estate market.

5 most expensive luxury properties in Dubai:-

1 – ONE to Jumeirah $ 49,279,193

A property of over 2000 square meters with 7 bedrooms in one of the most prominent residential areas of Dubai. A penthouse equipped with all possible comforts: spa, library, gym, swimming pool and lounge bar.

2 – Villa in Emirates Hills $ 48,734,672

Almost 3000 square meters of opulence distributed in 10 bedrooms, a large entrance, two kitchens, a guest suite and an office. The property overlooks the harbor and enjoys an exclusive view of the nearby gold course.

3 – Villa in Emirate Hills $ 34,848,897

Another 3000 square meter villa in the Emirate Hills has a swimming pool, library and private cinema. Complete with luxury finishes in marble and wood, the luxurious villa even has a reserved parking area for helicopter landing. It also features a Jacuzzi, a Turkish bath and access to a golf course.

4 – Penthouse in Burj Khalifa $ 27.769.837

Burj Khalifa the tallest man-made tower houses a 5-bedroom apartment with a private bathroom. The house is on two floors and is equipped with all the necessary comforts to live in absolute comfort: study, a library, a room for a maid and a driver, two kitchens and a laundry room.

5 – Villa on the Palm Jumeirah island $ 17,152,192

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This Italian-style villa is located in Palm Jumeirah, the palm-shaped artificial island, one of the most innovative architectural projects in Dubai. The interiors were designed by the Italian studio MMA Projects. It also has a private beach far from prying eyes which can be accessed via a small marble street.

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