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All You Need To Know About MOT Failure

As per the rules and regulations laid down by the law, all car owners must pass an annual MOT check. Passing this test, designed by the ministry of transport, ensures optimum levels of safety and performance in your vehicle.

In case your car is above the age of three years, you must take it for a thorough inspection at a test centre. But make sure that it is certified by DVSA (Driver and vehicle standards agency). Furthermore, you must get your car tested at a genuine test centre. In general, there are a lot of fake garages that run in the name of DVSA. If you hold an MOT certificate, issued by such garages, you’ll be liable for a huge fine.

If you do not want such chaos, always look for three blue triangles at every test centre. Every centre must prove its authenticity to you. Interesting, isn’t it? Why not dive even deeper into the ocean of MOT. After all, the government is working so hard, just to ensure your safety standards. If you want to help the government, you must understand some vital reasons for MOT failure.

Reasons For Failing an MOT test

Inadequate Tyres

If you want to pass the MOT test in your first attempt, you must ensure that your tyres are in proper condition. Otherwise, you are welcome to be insulted by a car mechanic. It is crucial to check for tyre tread condition, air-pressure and damages as well.

Even if you take a near-damage tyre to the inspection, you are likely to fail the test. Furthermore, driving a car with failed ‘tyre’ MOT certificate can cause you a fine up to £1000.

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Improper Braking

As you know, we cannot ensure safe driving conditions unless our brakes are in proper shape. We are not talking about reshaping your brakes to make a sculpture. That’s foolish. On a serious note, MOT experts check for your car’s braking performance and their condition as well. In case your car’s braking mechanism deliver ineffective results and late response, you can always wait for a 12-day re-test period. 

So it is advisable to get your brakes checked before rushing to an MOT test.

Fun Fact: Did you know that an unresponsive brake can prevent your vehicle from stopping and and lead you to banging into other cars. If you know this, you are quite intelligent, we must say. Just Kidding! Please don’t file a case against us for bad humour.

Minor Reasons

A majority of people focus on all the major reasons and forget the small problems in their car. Well, the ministry of transports takes strict action against minor car failure as well. At the end of the day, you too want a safe driving experience, right? Why not work for it today?

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